Grey – by Jeremy Binns – Introduction

Calling Grey

Introduction – Grey – by Jeremy Binns


The head of the lifeless soul came to rest against what had once been the office printer.  The viscous and nearly black congealed blood streaked along the floor and wall in stark contrast to the thick layer of grey dust that filled the skeletal remains of what used to be an insurance office.  The creatures face held its savage expression even in death.  It’s enlarged mouth displaying its glistening dark fangs as it’s soulless black eyes stared back at Grey.

Grey didn’t stop to savor the moment.  In his state of heightened awareness, he knew that there were more lurking in the recesses ahead.  He could hear them.  He could hear many things.  Even now, if he concentrated hard enough, he could hear the soft rain like cadence of the large snowflake like fragments of dust that had been up-heaved from their resting place into the air as the creature had rushed into the room with an unnatural speed.  He could hear the gentle sound of each one as it settled down onto its new resting place.

He could hear his own heartbeat.  It was racing with the exertion, but it was a calm speed.  It was always calm.  Even when he was surrounded by them on every side, and his blades screamed as their razor edges sliced through the air before slowing only slightly as they passed through their intended target.  Even then, when his lungs were heaving open like a cavernous vacuum sucking in every bit of available air and then violently expelling the spent remains only to heave again.  In those moments when his heart pounded so loud that he wondered if his eardrums might burst with its throbbing.  Even then, it was calm.

And in this moment, he could hear them.  The creatures that had consumed so much of his short life already.  He listened even more intently.  It sounded like there were probably five of them here he thought to himself, maybe six remaining.  They were hiding and waiting in the shadows somewhere in this maze of offices and cubicles that had once been a state farm office in a small rural town in Iowa.

The sounds weren’t pleasant sounds.  They were kind of sounds that children sometimes imagine as they lay awake at night after a scary movie.  The raspy wet guttural breathing.  The stiff joints popping as the creatures tensed as they became aware of his presence too.  The jagged ripping sound of their black claws scraping along the various surfaces.  The cracking sound as they embedding into the softer materials as the creatures poised themselves like dark predators preparing to spring onto an unsuspecting prey.

Perhaps most disturbing to Grey was the sounds that their mouths made.  When the creatures had fully turned, they scarcely even resembled the humanity that had once inhabited the grotesque form.  Visually, the most noticeable feature of the transformations was the mouth.  Their jaws grew to nearly double the size of a human mouth.  The omnivorous teeth were shed to make room for the black instruments of death that were a conglomeration of razor sharp fangs incisors and canines that would at the same time pierce and crush any poor being that met their unholy embrace.

Although the jaws grew during the transformation from human to beast, the lips, it seemed, did not.  The resulting effect was that they were stretched tight unable to close around the creatures disproportionate jaws.  Ironically, this caused them to wear something that resembled a perpetual and sinister grin.  Observing them from a distance, and you would get the impression that they were actually smiling a dark and malevolent smile.

From this bizarre mouth emerged sounds like no others as the creatures black tongue rhythmically caressed its teeth in anticipation of what was to come.  He could hear metallic porcelain sound of those teeth as they began to grind against one another in a the absolute single-minded focus of feeding.  That was the sound he hated the most.

He hated it not just because he feared what that mouth could do to flesh and bone, but because of what it represented.  It was the sound of a beast.  There were no vestiges of humanity remaining in that vessel of destruction.  It could be almost described as animal in nature, but that was really far from adequate.  An animal kills to survive.  These creatures killed because that’s what they were.  They were death.  In so many ways they were death.  They were harbingers of humanity’s fate.

Turn one loose in an auditorium full of people, and it wouldn’t kill one or two or ten and then feast.  Instead, it would frantically kill everyone present in some kind of demonic ecstasy.  They were the distilled and purified form of death.  Long ago now death invaded the most sacred essence of man, and these vile creatures were its wicked offspring.

The inhuman sounds that issued from the creatures’ mouths seemed most to personify that fact to Grey.  He hated those sounds.  They were the melody of death.

And right now Grey was about to come face to face with death yet again in this long ago forsaken structure that he had been called to.  He didn’t know why yet, but like many places before, he was being drawn here.  Something significant, or maybe someone significant, was waiting in the dusty interior of this building.  So he would continue.

There was never a question of whether or not he would continue.  He wasn’t afraid.  He was rarely afraid, at least not of the creatures.  They were faster, stronger, and more lethal than any ordinary human would ever be.  But Grey was even more so.

He quietly stepped over the beast’s body as he walked past a row of cubicles.  They were remarkably neat and in order as though people would be showing up for work any minute.  Only they, like everything else in this building had been blanketed in the muted grey covering of dust.  Everywhere outside of the safe cities was covered with that same shade of desaturated abandonment.

In the heavily shadowed corner at the back of the office was a stairwell door that was propped open allowing only the precious few remaining rays of diffused light to illuminate the steps at the bottom.  As they light diminished, the stairs slowly became one with the darkness beyond.  Grey began the ascent.


(chapter 1 coming soon)


Thank you for reading the introduction of ‘Grey – by Jeremy Binns’.  This is my first fiction writing project that I have a clear direction and goal in mind for.  I hope to one day have the finished work published.

In the mean time, I am going to be adding one chapter every two weeks.  Sometimes sooner if I am able to work it into my schedule.  Full time job, wife, two kids, three boxers, and the few shreds of a normal life that I try to live doesn’t leave me with a lot of extra time.

So, if you happen to be a publisher who wants to pay me to finish the book sooner so that you can score the rights to it, then definitely hit me up and we’ll talk.  Until then, everyone else will just have to be patient as I crank them out.


  • Breanna Binns

    awesome trully amasing

    • Jeremy Binns

      Thank you my little protege! Coming from you that’s a great compliment!!!

  • Tina Bell

    I’m thinking that even if I read this chapter by chapter here, I still want the book when it’s printed! So far this is a pretty sweet story! Then I can claim fame by saying I know you! :-) Seriously though it is a pretty cool story.

    • Jeremy Binns

      Hey Tina! Thanks so much for reading it and the kind words. I’m really glad you like it. – when it finally does go to print, I’m going to reward all of you extra cool people who liked it before it was famous. ;)

      Hope life is going great for you – thanks again!

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