• Faith Hungers for Impossibilities. If Life doesn't provide them, faith will birth greater dreams and create them!

    Faith Hungers for Impossibilities

    Faith Hungers for Impossibilities. If Your Faith Was a Pet… Just for a minute, imagine with me that your faith is a cute little pet that you just brought home from an exotic pet store. Maybe it was a spontaneous impulse buy. You just happened …

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  • When did you stop dreaming the impossible?

    When did you stop dreaming the impossible?

    When did you stop dreaming the impossible? I’m taking a moment or two on this muggy Monday morning and looking out onto my ‘life-horizon’ to see what’s out there.  Specifically, I’m looking for something out there that seems entirely impossible. For an introspective minute, I’m …

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  • Aerosmith - I don't Wanna Miss A Thing

    A Post for Wendy

    I’m coming to the end of another 16 hour work day. Technically closer to 17, but who’s counting. I’m definitely not a workaholic either. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s another of my pet peeves. I’m just in a season of life that I feel …

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  • what the helvetica

    What The Helvetica

    What The Helvetica Life is good! Well, God is good, sometimes life isn’t totally awesome, but compared to any of the alternatives, life is definitely good! Occasionally though, I find myself navigating a less than spectacular day. Yesterday happened to be one of those days. …

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  • May you always have the faith to get your hopes up one more time.

    Getting My Hopes Up One More Time

    How Many Times Are We Supposed To Get Our Hopes Up? I was talking with my brother Casey a couple of days ago about all the important things in life. Bowel movements, our wife’s, family, six flags, and probably surviving the zombie apocalypse too – you …

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  • Destiny Is A Garden Only Cultivated By Those Willing To Believe

    Destiny Is A Garden Only Cultivated By Those Willing To Believe

    Yesterday I received some incredible news. I mean the best kind of news that you can get. Unfortunately, like the annoying vague-booking people everywhere, I can’t share it yet. I know, how annoying is that! Point is though, yesterday I got some really great news, …

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  • Not Taking Myself So Seriously

    Not Taking Myself So Seriously

    I haven’t written a blog post in a little over a month now. You probably already know this because of the mass chaos breaking out all across the world and general downcast mood permeating the social atmosphere everywhere. I figure that if I don’t start …

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  • One Day, an ordinary day like any other day will become a day like no other day. Are you ready?

    One Day An Ordinary Day Like Any Other Day…

      One Day, an ordinary day like any other day… Today I have a short post for you. However, I pray that this post will compel you to think about it long after you’ve gone about your routine. It’s a simple passage of scripture from …

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  • I am the vine; you are the branches... John 15:5

    When God Takes

    When God Takes In the front of my journal, handwritten on the first page, I have the Bible passage from John 15:1-14 where Jesus talks about being ‘the true vine’. In this passage He says that His Father is the vine dresser, and that we …

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  • I believe that you are fearfully and wonderfully made

    I believe that you are…

    I believe that you are… I believe… I believe that God watches you and knows you. He sees when you sit and when you rise – He understands all your thoughts. He knows you so well, He is familiar with all of your ways. Before …

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"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot