• Faith Sees The Invisible

    …but nothing has changed! No, everything has changed.

    Wendy – “But nothing has changed!” Me – “No, Everything has changed.” Faith.  It’s a little bit difficult to explain at times.  By it’s very definition, faith is without any substantiating evidence.  So when you have one of those moments in life where you move …

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  • Dichotomy Series Emnity 800

    Behind the Scenes – Dichotomy Series – enmity

    Behind the Scenes Video:  

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  • Dichotomy 250

    New Images in the Dichotomy Series

    Okay, I’ve added a couple of new pictures to the dichotomy series since my last blog post.  You can check them out here: And… there’s some new items on the “Things That Rock” page you might enjoy by clicking one of the zombies below. Have …

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  • 120


    It’s easy to take them for granted, and sometimes they can disappear for quite a while without anyone noticing that they’ve left.  It seems like quite a few of my more personal blogs lately have had some heavier notes playing throughout the melody, but believe …

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  • 196

    Thinking About Grace

    Recently, I’ve been thinking about grace a lot.  I guess that most of the people who know me personally know that the decision to leave the wedding industry caused us to take a pretty big hit financially.  Because of that, we have been doing what …

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  • 2994a1b890ba11e1b9f1123138140926 7

    Jobs and such

    I need to spend about an hour and post some of the heavier things that I feel like have been changing and taking place, so I hesitate to even start writing because I know I won’t want to leave out important details. However, here’s a …

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  • Nashville Skyline Jeremy Binns 400x400

    My Best and Favorite Photo of the Nashville Skyline at Night

      Nashville, TN Tonight, I was privileged to hang out with a photography group from the Oasis Church in Nashville.  We came downtown with the intention of doing some night photography.  I wanted to shoot this style of image, and I framed it up a …

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  • Dichotomy Series Confidence 600

    Dichotomy Series – Confidence

    Dichotomy Series – Confidence It’s difficult to put into words what exactly I’m trying to communicate with these images.  Which is odd for me since generally it is much easier for me to write when I want to convey an idea.  Perhaps it is due, …

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  • Parkbench Dichotomy 1 800

    Dichotomy Series – test

    Dichotomy Series – original test image This image was the original test shot for my new series titled ‘Dichotomy’.  I wanted to see if I could pull off the technical aspect of the project before I attempted to really showcase the concepts and ideas that …

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  • 20120305 101153

    My life…

    *****Disclaimer****** I started writing one thing, but ended up being a lot more transparent than I had intended. Someone probably needed this today, maybe me most of all…************ Some days the stream of thought in the mountain range of my mind has a more profluent …

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