Don't be too quick to write off God's ability to work mightily through extraordinarily flawed vessels. ...including the one in the mirror!

The Adulterous Murdering Praise and Worship Leader We All Love

What would you think about someone who slept with your brother’s wife and then killed your brother? Would you look up to him and admire him, and would you give much thought to what he had to say about God? Well here’s a quick thought for you. The person listed in the Bible as being a man “after God’s own heart” also happened to be an adulterer and a murderer.

It’s easy for us to downplay those facts because you and I can look at his life as a whole and we’re far removed from the actual events, but how many of us guys would think that someone who slept with our wives had any kind of relationship with God at all. Imagine if he was the guy singing the praise and worship at your church – which, in a way he sort of was. In case you don’t know who I’m talking about, the guy was King David in the Bible. He wrote most of the songs of worship recorded in the book of Psalms.

I suspect that we would struggle to ever forgive that person, let alone think that they were anywhere in the remote vicinity of God’s heart.

Then there’s her this ladies husband – the guy who he murdered then murdered in an attempt to cover up what he had done. Oh yeah, that’s our precious King David – the guy with the harp out there killing giants.

Just imagine if the guy who he killed were your son. …and he was some mother’s son. He was the child who some dad raised. More than likely, he was also someone’s brother, nephew, or uncle. I don’t think it says it one way or the other in scripture, but this guy could have also been someone’s dad. After all, he was married and this was before modern birth control.

Do you think that those people who loved and cherished the guy who David had just murdered looked up to him or respected him at all. Be honest. They wanted him dead.

Would you be able to say he was a man after God’s own heart if he were your family?

I don’t think so. And yet in spite of all this, God looked at Him and saw past his extreme moral failures to saw something He absolutely  adored.

As humans we always look at the outward appearances. This isn’t just physical either – we look at what we can see about a person’s life and make our judgment based on all of the ‘facts’ that we have.

God doesn’t. He sees what’s going on behind the scenes in a person’s heart and mind and forms His own opinion without the help of anyone else.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t be too quick to write off God’s ability to work mightily through extraordinarily flawed vessels. Including the one in the mirror!

Update: I suppose I need to add here that these events were singular failures in His life. He failed miserably and then ran to God with true remorse and desire to change. Don’t confuse this with a person who is willfully and continually living in open disobedience to God’s ways. That is an entirely different scenario. 

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