Letting Go Of A ‘Good-Enough god’

You have to let go of your good-enough 'god' before taking hold of your more-than-enough GOD!

Letting Go Of A ‘Good-Enough god’

Recently I read a familiar passage of scripture in Luke that has been echoing in my mind and spirit for a while now. This morning I felt as though the Lord kept bringing it to mind again as I was praying, and now I’d like to share it with you.

To briefly set the stage, Jesus had just been confronted by the religious community because He was eating and drinking with ‘tax collectors and sinners’. Even John’s disciples (who they also didn’t care much for) seemed to be more religious than the followers of Jesus.

They banter back and forth a bit, and then Jesus ends the argument with this statement… Luke 5:39, “And no one, after drinking old wine wishes for new; for he says, ‘The old is good enough.’”

Jesus Chose the Uninitiated To Usher In the Greatest Change

Jesus chose some very unlikely candidates. Seriously, think about it. He was literally ushering in the greatest religious change of all time, and He had elected a bunch of fishermen and tax collectors to spearhead the endeavor.

I’ve often heard that they were unqualified for the task because of who they were, but what struck me most as I pondered the verse in Luke 5:39 wasn’t who they were, but rather who they were not!

To the best of my knowledge, not even a one of the disciples was a leader in the Jewish religious community. To use modern-day analogy, not a single one of them was a preacher, pastor, evangelist, or theologian. NOT EVEN ONE!

The disciples were entirely uninitiated into the religious world of their day.

Why Didn’t Jesus Call A Few Experts

The next logical question is ‘Why?’ Why didn’t Jesus call at least one or two people who had dedicated their lives to studying the Laws of God and the Commandments? After all, wasn’t it God who had established the law they were attempting to administer? Hello?!?

I won’t pretend that the answer to that question can be summarized in one brief little blog post, but I want to draw your attention to the one statement that Jesus made when addressing this very issue.

“No one, after drinking old wine wishes for new; for he says, ‘The old is good enough.'”

Married To A ‘Good-Enough god’

It seems as though when Jesus went looking for those fortunate 12 who would be His closest companions and the ones to herald this greatest of all messages that no one in the religious community of His day was available.

Here’s why… They were married to a good-enough version of ‘god’ and they had no appetite for more. The ‘god’ they were serving, which they had come to understand and know, was simply put good enough. It provided them with respect in the community, perhaps a job, and a life with all the pieces fitting nicely together.

God had ceased to be their God. Their new ‘god’ was all of their past experiences and information of what the real God had done in the past. In essence, their new ‘god’ was their old and lifeless religion. Religion is the parameters of our mind, within which our understanding of God resides. When we decide we have a complete and total understanding, then put a lid on the box and label it our religion. We’ve filled it with all we’ve been taught and all we’ve experienced, but perhaps more importantly is that we have left out everything that we haven’t been taught or experienced …or anything new that God may desire to do or reveal.

Is Your ‘god’ Good Enough?

When you read, “letting go of a ‘good enough god’, please keep it in context. I’m not in any way disrespecting our Savior and Creator. What I am asking myself though, and what I’m now asking you now is this, “If God wanted to do something new in our world, in your world, would you be open to it?”

All of us have our definition of who God is, how He does things, and who He uses to do them. It’s our ‘god’ box. It’s the ‘wine we’ve already tasted’.

My experience of God has been amazing, and I know that many of my readers can say the same thing. We love God! The ‘wine’ of experience He has allowed us to drink from has literally transformed our lives.

Maybe that’s why this question is so prominent in my spirit right now… Have I come to a point in life where my understanding of God, the depth of my relationship, and His involvement in and through my life is ‘good enough’. For me, it’s a sobering thought that after about 20 years of following Christ that I may be settling into a comfortable place where my ‘god’ is no longer doing abundantly above and beyond what I can think or imagine, but is instead doing exactly the same thing and in the same way as yesterday and the day before.

Letting Go Of A ‘Good-Enough god’

Here’s my hearts desire and my deepest prayer right now. Father, with complete reverence and honor for all that you’ve done for, given to, and shown me throughout my life and experience, I’m asking You to somehow, in your miraculous ability, to renew my capacity to know You more. I AM THIRSTY! Help me to let go of any of my limiting preconceptions of You so that I’m able to embrace and be a part of the new thing that You’re doing today. I once again ask You to renew my mind, transform my life, and hide me deeper within the identity of Your Son. I believe that You desire to do great things in this age, help me to break free from the good-enough mold I’m living in and walk fully in your ever proceeding light.

~You have to let go of your good-enough ‘god’ before taking hold of your more-than-enough God.

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  • Maria

    Beautiful! I love this, re-dedication to our Father through seeking to know Him deeper than you do now!

    • http://www.jeremybinns.com/ Jeremy Binns

      Thank you Maria!

      • larius williams

        this is how i live funny i should find this today before i speak tonight i teach and train on not limiting god that we have not because we do not ask not but because i have a 3 yr old son i teach them as if i were taking to him my series is called things my father told me the theme this quarter is ” the giraffe and the tortise” scripture based : the race is not given to the swift but to the one that endured to the end . the life applicaction in today s society remember the story of the tortise and the hare , well the hare was faster but he could not endure til the end endure beloved endure you have to go through something , have a job experiecne in order to receive the glory of god. don t ever expect a tortise to have a giraffe ‘s perspective although the occupy the same territory one is always gravling on the ground while the other is gazing in the heavens the tortise is stubborn hard headed and wont listen to reason, does that sound like anyone we know. but god has given him a shell to protect himself from himself and even sometimes that is not enough. for the rest of the sermon facebook me at adariyayaamon or email me at lariusw@gmail.comn remember to faith it til you make it

  • larius williams

    great topic and inspirational thks who designed that bed by the water

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