What I Did On Labor Day – Photo Journal

Taking a brief break from all the more serious topics just to enjoy living for a day.

It’s a little sad sometimes that I take so few pictures. Having spent nearly a decade working as a professional photographer, you might expect that I photograph everything from birthdays to bathroom breaks.

Thankfully, you’d be wrong – no one wants to see anyone’s bathroom breaks – that’s a freaky kind of creepy there. Unfortunately, I often hesitate to pick up my camera because I always feel the obligation to deliver an awesome portrait, when quite frankly I just want a snap shot to remember the moment.

Well, as this post will demonstrate, I’m slowly pushing that disorder out of my life.  It’s not going willingly, more like one of my lazy dogs out of grudgingly sliding out of their favorite forbidden sleeping spots like a boneless octopus, but it’s going…  And here’s what I did on labor day – a photo journal.


It all started with a lawn in desperate need of mowing. I read once that Labor Day used to be a holiday where people took the day off from work and just relaxed… Well, for me it typically means take the day off of one job so that you can work twice as hard on all the other jobs that have been neglected because of the first job.  (rant done)baby watermellonI’m 37 years old, and I’ve never seen ‘baby’ watermelons before this year, and I gotta tell you… for a plant, they’re pretty stinkin’ cute!

nearly ripe tomatoes

These are also part of my oldest daughter’s ‘herb garden’. There’s one tomato plant and one watermelon. This was before I knew that a watermelon plant would grow to nearly the size of two football fields. (slight exaggeration, but not much…)elusive 13 year old

It’s her herb garden. You’ll notice that she’s conveniently inside while I’m taking care of her garden. If you’re more observant, you’ll also notice something magically delicious not too far away from her guilty looking grin. Coincidence?  I think not…
ginger shrimp wantons from Sintane Market in Smyrna TN

After slaving away in the yard, I broke for lunch and took Wendy to my favorite Laos restaurant – Sintane Market in Smyrna, TN. It’s a bit hidden, and perhaps intimidating to the uninitiated, but oh is it so so good!  Thank you Jon for baptizing me into the culture of authentic Laos / Thai / Vietnamese cuisine!  These little beauties are ginger shrimp roles… you should go find your mother right now and ask her why she kept these from your poor poor American menu.wife - not quite excited about the pho

Wendy apparently isn’t so excited to be eating a bowl of Pho – If you haven’t ever tried it, you should probably go stick your head in the door and then try closing it about three times.  That’s how upset you should be that you’re missing out on this bowl of happiness.pho - sintane market in Smyrna TN

Getting ready to eat my own bowl of Pho – Broth good enough to bathe in, mystery meat balls, thin beef slices, shrimp, squid, tripe, bean sprouts, toasted garlic, crushed nuts, fresh basil, chili’s cilantro, green onion, sriracha, a little extra chili oil, and who knows what else. (side note – if you do tear up your own fresh chili, be careful when using the bathroom afterwards… trust me)
bubble tea - sintane market in smyrna tn

Since it was like a date lunch, we tried some pineapple bubble tea – It tastes like a tea slushy with pineapple in it. Imagine that…  The little black things in the bottom are tapioca pearls. They’re… interesting.discovering dirt

Back home, and took the baby outside for a while to play. She immediately discovered that there was dirt in the exceptionally nice edged grass.trying to fit into dirt

How can I fit into this dirt… (a whole yard to explore, and she wants to get in the dirt)trying to dig up dirt

Maybe I can dig it out by hand…perplexed about the dirt

Dad… help a kid out here. There’s something awesome in here…just grass with nice little lawn mower lines

Did I mention all that lawn work I did… gotta love lines in a freshly mowed lawn. I cut my grass as tall as I possibly can just to make the lines more visible. (OCD Trait number 741)taking a closer hands on approach

Okay… I can’t help it – I have to make a few of these snapshots a little more awesome. This is my favorite pic of the day. …still mesmerized by the dirt.finally got some dirt

Hallelujah! (chorus sings) She finally got dirt.
running through yard

Trying to run away from me because I was wiping previously mentioned dirt off of her tongue.got a cute little outfit

All cleaned up, and we decided to eat a little Mexican. Not literally…  She smiled the whole time because of her outfit, which I even have to admit was about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

still elusive

Older sister still managing to evade the all-seeing eye of my camera.  Her time will come…just freaking cute

Not much to say here, but it was good light…apparently still avoiding me

Apparently taking a pregnant woman struggling with morning sickness to eat hard core authentic Asian food doesn’t win you lots of smiles for the camera, but she’s still lookin’ good!she loves the salsa - chips optional

All in all, it was a good day. As I look at her little fingers drowning another helpless chip in the salsa for the fourth time, I have to say that it’s a pretty cool life that I’m so privileged to live.


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  • scottoneal

    Brother, you BLESS my soul whether it’s a serious topic or just a post like this one! I can’t get over how big Saphera has gotten, and she looks just like both you and Wendy! Have a great day guys :-)

    • http://www.jeremybinns.com/ Jeremy Binns

      :) Thank you Scott – that means a lot to me. She is growing fast for sure, hard to believe it’s almost been two years since she was born, but her 2nd birthday is right around the corner.

      Hope you day is great as well my friend~

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