Celebrating Her Thirteenth Birthday – Love You Breanna!

Beautiful Bacon

 If you see this most beautiful of breakfast delicacies sitting on my dining room table, then it’s probably a pretty special day.

Although, the fact that there is golden brown smokey sweet bacon on the table does make it a special kind of day on its own I suppose.

Morning Smile

 This particular day was special though because of this beautiful young lady smiling (because of the bacon).  (we all were)

C’mon – It’s ‘Thick Cut Black Label’ bacon – which was cooked about as close to perfection as it gets…

Home Made French Toast

 Oh this?…  This was the French Toast that I made as a side… for the bacon.

My First Bacon

 Serving as more of a spectator today, my 1-year-old was having her first slice of bacon.

I couldn’t help but notice her latching on with all 8 of her front teeth and then ferociously shaking her head from side to side in a technique she must have learned from one of our three boxers.

Parking Lot Pictures

After working off some of the aforementioned bacon at the swimming pool with her mom, I took the birthday girl on mission ‘get a present’.

I think her smile may have been one that expressed more “rushed compliance” than a true desire to stop in the middle of the mall parking lot for yet another picture.

Brick Wall Detour

When I suggested the brick wall would make for a cool photo, her inner diva won out, and she cracked a genuine – albeit cool and collected smile.

Inside Her Favorite Store

 Oh how I love this child! We share the same favorite store… Barnes & Noble.

Notice the unhindered glee and introduction of jazz hands – all concern for public decorum thrown to the wind.

This picture may be my favorite of the day just because she was really so excited to be getting her gift. Normally, she would be slightly mortified to pose for a picture in the middle of a crowded store.

Moe's Burrito Coming Out of a Cheese Dip

 After we got her present, we went to Moe’s, one of her favorite restaurants. Here, she stumbled onto a brilliant idea of dipping her burrito into the cheese dip that came with the chips.

Did I mention this kid is genius?…

Nook - Her Newest Technology

 Just to prove it, she configured her new Nook… without my help. I admit, I’m a little jealous.

13 Years Old Today

 Since typical cakes “make her sick”, she always asks for cheesecake on her birthday. I tried licking the cheesecake off of the candles, but it just isn’t the same as the super sweet birthday cake icing.

But hey, it ain’t my birthday.

What to Wish For On Her Thirteenth Birthday?

 Her candles nearly melted as she strategically plotted and planned her birthday wish.

Trying To Blow Out All The Candles

 It’s getting more difficult to do this…

Younger Sister Finding This Mildly Interesting

 …still spectating, but captivated by all the fire on top of that cake.


As my oldest ‘little girl’ is blazing past me on her journey to becoming a young lady, my heart swells with joy and breaks with sadness at the same time.

I love you Breanna. You are a star.  The world hasn’t even gotten a glimpse of how bright you’re going to shine yet, but I have ~ and it’s breathtaking.

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  • Auntie Denise

    You are an amazing man, Jeremy…and I’m so honored I got to meet you and Wens at Advanced a couple of years ago. Hugs to your fab ohana. Great pics of Bre, always.

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