Is Fair Just a Fairy Tale?

Sometimes the greatest advantage you'll ever have in life is learning that you have the power to overcome your disadvantage.

Is Fair Just a Fairy Tale?

As I was driving home a couple of days ago, for some unknown reason my mind drifted towards The Tour de France and Lance Armstrong.

Let me preface pretty much everything else I’m about to say with this, I know just about zilch-o about either of those two topics.  All I know is that Lance won a bunch of those bike races and then later admitted to doping or something which eventually cost him all of those cool trophies.

That’s really about it, but I still really used to respect the guy. His cameo in the movie ‘Dodgeball’ is one of my all time favorite movie scenes, and even though I know nothing about the TDF, I thought that guy was pretty cool and inspiring.

Fast forward to today. Is there a fair sport left? I find myself assuming that a large percentage of pro athletes are somehow ‘enhancing’ their performance one way or another, and it just kind of sucks.

I miss the days when sports were just about who had trained harder, had more skill, and wanted to win the most. I’m a big fan of MMA, and really enjoy the old original UFC fights that were just about seeing who was the toughest guy. There wasn’t an overly dramatized reality show trying to turn it into a teenage drama, it was just a grueling battle of power, courage, and skill to see who would rise as the victor.

At least that was always my perception with sports and life in general.  Any more though, I always find myself wondering what “they” are doing to be so much better than everyone else. Is fair just a fairy tale?

What in life is there that is 100% fair? I really can’t think of anything at all, and it’s definitely not all bad stuff either.

  • It’s not fair that one person is born in a country filled with first world problems like not liking the temperature of my morning coffee when someone else born in a 3rd world hasn’t eaten for days.
  • It’s not fair that one person works their hardest at a job and gives it 100%, but then the promotion goes to a personal friend of the boss.
  • It’s not fair that people like you because you’re good-looking and shun the other person because they don’t think they are.
  • It’s not fair that some people are born with talent oozing from every pore in their lazy-do-nothing-bodies while someone else has to work three times harder just to be slightly below average.
  • It’s not fair that some people are surrounded by friends and family who lift them up, encourage them, and help them when they fall – while others are neglected and abandoned by all the people who should have filled those roles in their lives.

Maybe you’re on the, “I’ve got it pretty good side.” Or maybe you’re on the, “Life kinda sucks right now side.”

I guess that when I’ve finally walked to the end of this thought trail, I decide that I don’t expect life to be fair.  I wish it was sometimes, and other times I’m glad it isn’t.

I don’t expect to have all the opportunities that someone else has. I don’t expect that my competition is playing by the rules, but I also know that I’ve grown immensely as a person by navigating the challenges I’ve walked through when my life wasn’t fair.

Sometimes the greatest advantage you’ll ever have in life is learning that you have the power to overcome your disadvantage. When you learn that you have an inner strength that supersedes talent, ability, and charisma – you won’t stop when you reach the next wall.  You’ll break through it, climb over it, dig under it, or persuade someone to open a door so that you can walk through it.

I think that I’m also persuaded that there is a greater scale than that which our own minds and perceptions can comprehend. A scale in which all of our thoughts, potentials, talents, and handicaps are taken into account. A scale that is held in the hand of an all-knowing and all-seeing Creator, and I suspect that regardless of how unfair life may seem – the scale always tips in our favor when we allow His involvement.

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  • TraciMLittle

    so so good. goose bump kind of good. THIS: When you learn that you have an inner strength that supersedes talent, ability, and charisma – you won’t stop when you reach the next wall. You’ll break through it, climb over it, dig under it, or persuade someone to open a door so that you can walk through it. Nice job!

    • Jeremy Binns

      Thanks Traci – Giving away goose bumps is definitely one of my favorite things to do in life!

  • Dennis

    Hey Jeremy. Dennis again from down under is Australia…spending time reading through your blogs… man you touch my heart! About 10 years ago our daughter was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer (she was 19 at the time). this news came to us about 6 months after our eldest son (then aged 3) was diagnosed with Autism. “Not Fair” I cried to God. but these were the facts… and so we journeyed through the time. I watched as both my children dealt with their conditions. cried with them and in my room on my own. and I fought with God … not fair. about a year later we moved states to be with our daughter. we spent days with her … and I watched and listened. I was amazed by how her faith had come full circle. she didn’t cry “unfair” or “why me”. instead she comforted her family, planned her funeral and encouraged us by sharing the joy that she found in looking forward to being home. she helped us to see beyond our limited time to a future that we all have beyond our time here on earth. Alexandra died a week after her 21st, 18 months after diagnoses. She is home. William is now 13 and still struggles with his complexities … and every day he gets stronger. he has even come to the point where he admits that “being different” is not a bad thing but something that gives him a wider perspective … and I have learned that everyday people are the true heroes in this life we live … it may not be fair, but somehow, knowing that God really is involved, at the end of the day … we can know we are safe …

    • Jeremy Binns

      Wow Dennis – I’ve read this a few times and it’s brought tears to my eyes every time.

      You have inspired me today. Thank you for shining.

      • Dennis

        God is Good Jeremy … in our weakness he is strong and he gets us through … what is it that Paul says … rejoice in the Lord always … not always an easy thing to do but knowing that He really does know what he’s doing makes it something to aim for … mate, your blogs are encouraging and challenging … keep writing mate, keep pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones … everyone needs to be reminded to practice faith in the face of reality … your words and pictures are a blessing. how awesome is it that we are part of the one body no matter where we are in this world … how amazing is it going to be when we are all at home !!! your will be done, your kingdom come!!!

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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