Faith Hungers for Impossibilities

Faith Hungers for Impossibilities. If Life doesn't provide them, faith will birth greater dreams and create them!

Faith Hungers for Impossibilities.

If Your Faith Was a Pet…

Just for a minute, imagine with me that your faith is a cute little pet that you just brought home from an exotic pet store. Maybe it was a spontaneous impulse buy. You just happened to be walking by the store and you saw it’s cute little puppy dog eyes peering up at you through the store window, and you just had to own it.

What Now???

The first thing you’d want to know is how to feed it.  What does faith like to eat? Is it allergic to anything? Will it vomit all over my carpet if I feed it chocolate? (trust me, not cool)

Faith Has a Very Particular diet.

Faith, if it were a pet, would have a very particular diet, and I’m pretty sure that what it hungers for most are impossibilities.  Although faith might be able to survive with a discount diet of improbabilities, it thrives on impossibilities.

If you want that cute little fluff ball to grow into an Irish Wolf Hound sized powerhouse that can provide you with endless entertainment and guard dog like protection for your life, then you really need to feed it some impossibilities.

Is Your Faith Starving?

Don’t let your faith look like one of those skinny emaciated homeless looking pets on an animal rescue show. Take care of that thing! Faith starves in predictable routines.

Faith wants to climb mountains! It wants to part seas! It wants to walk through fires! Faith hungers for impossibilities! If life doesn’t provide them, faith will birth greater dreams and create them.

Free Range Faith

Have you been like those unpopular farmers? Have been keeping your faith caged up and fed a mutated diet of stale yuck? Well open up the cage and let that bird fly for a change. Trust me, your faith wants to be the free range kind of faith. It might look all puny right now, but that little critter has mountain moving power hidden beneath its adorable fluff covered exterior.

Give Your Faith A Treat Today!

Allow yourself to dream impossible things again. Imagine yourself living beyond the limits of what is possible!

Have you fed your faith lately?


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