When did you stop dreaming the impossible?

When did you stop dreaming the impossible?

When did you stop dreaming the impossible?

I’m taking a moment or two on this muggy Monday morning and looking out onto my ‘life-horizon’ to see what’s out there.  Specifically, I’m looking for something out there that seems entirely impossible.

For an introspective minute, I’m inviting you to become a sight-seeing tourist standing atop your own lookout mountain as we ask ourselves what tomorrow holds.

I know that none of us have a magic ball to see into the future, but if I were to ask you where you wanted to be in five years, I suspect that a lot of you could give me some type of previously pondered answer.

Although we can’t know the future, we most definitely still plan for it.  –  Well, let’s be honest. Some of us plan for it. If you don’t, you should.

We formulate our prospective futures when we stand on our ‘lookout mountain’ and envision the road ahead. What can I do? Where Can I Go? Who will I be?

So what does it look like? What do you see as you peer past the familiar surroundings of your present entrapments and into the abstract and surreal scenery of your future?

Is there a clearly marked out path to a destination you’ve been diligently working towards and planning meticulously for years or even decades?

Do you know when you’ll be at point ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ along the way? Do you know exactly how you’ll traverse each and every  obstacle along the way?

Have you figured out how to make it all happen?

If so, I have one more question to ask you… When did you stop dreaming the impossible?

If the place you desire and long to reach isn’t at least a little bit impossible, then you’ve settled for less than God’s best for your life.

According to Webster, faith involves believing something for which there is NO PROOF.  God’s kingdom, the realm of faith, begins where the ‘possible’ ends.  The land of ‘possibility’ can be great, but don’t spend your entire life there. This is one time where the grass truly is greener on the other side!

If you will, wipe the sleep out of your eyes, and look out into the distant expanse one more time.  Do you see that place way way way out there?  That place that you could just never reach?

Why not entertain the possibility that the Creator of the universe is asking you to make that your next destination?

“…All things are possible to Him who believes.” Mark 9:23

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"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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