Getting My Hopes Up One More Time

May you always have the faith to get your hopes up one more time.

How Many Times Are We Supposed To Get Our Hopes Up?

I was talking with my brother Casey a couple of days ago about all the important things in life. Bowel movements, our wife’s, family, six flags, and probably surviving the zombie apocalypse too – you know, general guy type things.

As our conversation progressed to more serious topics about the future, I caught myself making the statement, “I don’t want to get my hopes up.” Again and again. Every time I said it, I felt as though it was the socially acceptable thing to say given the topic at hand.

Each time I spoke it though, I couldn’t help but hearing a little voice inside of me saying, “Yes you do you bonehead! You totally have already gotten your hopes up, and you’re loving every minute of it!!!”

Why Not Get Our Hopes Up?

I’m a bit of a dreamer, and sometimes I lose my fragile grip on common sense more than others. But I’ve decided that I don’t care. All my life I’ve gotten my hopes up again and again.

Sometimes my hopes are fulfilled. A lot of times they dissolve into a pile of slimy bleh like a salt covered slug. That’s life though – thank God we don’t get everything we’ve ever hoped for! Just think back to your teenage years if you doubt that statement.

Call it naiveté, call it foolishness, call it good old-fashioned stupidity if you want, but I’ve decided that getting my hopes up one more time is the way that I want to embrace each day. Its part of my faith. Faith hopes. 

~ May you always have the faith to get your hopes up one more time! ~

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    This is a quote, I will continue to live by.

    Recently, I was attacked (not literally but you know what I mean) by a fellow believer after making this comment “what is the worst that could happen if you only believe?”

    He thought I sounded optimistic. Huh? Isn’t optimism our middle name? And that conversation left me crushed.

    It is refreshing to read this comment today ~ May you always have the faith to get your hopes up one more time! ~
    “Holding onto faith even when there is no logical reason left to do so.” It’s the determination to say “Yes” when every ounce of your body wants to throw in the towel.

    Thank you for the words of encouragement ^.^

    • Jeremy Binns

      Faith without impossibility isn’t faith. Don’t let go, and continue to live in the land of the impossible. Most people never will.

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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