I believe that you are…

I believe that you are fearfully and wonderfully made

I believe that you are…

I believe…

I believe that God watches you and knows you.

He sees when you sit and when you rise – He understands all your thoughts.

He knows you so well, He is familiar with all of your ways.

Before you even speak, He’s able to finish your sentence.

He stands behind you and before you and has placed His hand of protection on your life.

His involvement is so intricately woven into your life that it is more than your human mind will ever comprehend.

I believe…

I believe that there’s no where you can go that He isn’t beside you.

When you’re on top of the world, He rejoices with you. When you’re sinking in despair, He’s holding you up.

When you stray from your original course, even there you’ll find He’s already waiting.

When life grows so dark that there is no light, even that darkness is like the noon-day sun to Him.

I believe…

I believe that He created the very core of your being.

Everything about you, and all that makes you unique has been fearfully and wonderfully made by His skillful hands.

Everything He does is wonderful, and that stamp of beauty shines through your life.

You aren’t a mystery to Him. You were intelligently designed and planned before your life even began.

He fell in love with your smile before your face even took shape within your mother’s womb.

So complete was His plan that every day of your life is a story in a book written with His own hands.

He can’t stop thinking about you. His precious thoughts towards your are more innumerable than all the sands of the all the seas.

You always occupy his thoughts and heart.

I believe…

I believe that you are beautiful, uniquely one of a kind, and entirely intentional.

And I know, that you are loved.

Dedicated with love to my spectacularly beautiful wife.

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