Following the Roadmap of Peace

Roadmap of Peace - Philippians 4:7 - And the peace of God which transcends all understanding...

Following the Roadmap of Peace

Life Choices

Sometimes significant life-choices are extremely difficult to make. We are intelligent enough to know that the directions and paths we choose in life have the potential to affect us for decades and even generations, but we frequently have no choice but to make those decisions with insufficient information. Today I want to show you how following the roadmap of peace can be a powerful tool in making the right choice.

The Power of Choice

As creatures of free will, we have the awesome and terrible power of choice. We choose each and every step that we take in life. Whether actively or passively, we are responsible for the majority of choices that led us to this place in life.

Albert Camus said it this way, “You have the freedom to choose your actions, you don’t have the freedom to choose the consequences of your actions.” It shouldn’t take a lifetime to figure out that our experience in life is the compounded effect of the choices we’ve made.

Insufficient Information

The potentially scary part of all this free choice is knowing that we don’t have all the facts. You don’t fully know what that new company will really be like to work for. You don’t fully know if the person you’re about to marry has any hidden secrets.

Career, Marriage, Education, Having Children, Planning for retirement, Deciding whether or not to move…  All of life’s most significant decisions are made with insufficient information.

Following Your Inner Compass

Thankfully, we don’t have to face difficult decisions blindly. After we’ve gathered all of the facts we can, and after we’ve sought the wisdom of those we respect, there is still another tool in the decision-making process that is much too frequently overlooked.

Peace. Listening to the inner compass of peace is one of the most effective methods for making the correct life-choices. Romans 14:17 tells us that the kingdom of God is righteousness, PEACE, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

When we are making the choices in life that align with our purpose and destiny, we find the inner peace that transcends all understanding.

One Simple Question

Most of the time, discerning the will of God for your life can be accomplished with one simple question, “Do I have peace about this decision?”

When we take time and enter into quiet moments with God and seek his guidance, we will usually either find peace or confusion. Peace is one way that God gives us the green light for go, and confusion is often a clear sign that He’s telling us to slow down or stop.

Real World Examples

On a day-to-day basis, I personally seek the peace of God in the decisions and choices I make. I do my best to seek His will and simply follow that gentle roadmap of peace.

There have been two particular times in the nearly 20 years of following God that I have experienced a supernatural peace so powerful that it was nearly tangible. Both of these experiences were following a season of fasting and intensely seeking the will of God in very difficult decisions.

The first time I experienced this, I was 22 years old trying to decide where my bride-to-be and I would live. I wanted to live in Iowa – where I had grown up, and she wanted to live in Tennessee. I got up from prayer and was laying in bed when I became acutely aware of the nearness of God.

Tears streamed down my face, and I remember saying, “God, if you’re trying to tell me something, you’re going to have to make it really clear because I’m not the best at hearing your voice.” In the next moment, I experienced a peace that was so real that describing it would be impossible. I had zero fear, zero worry, and absolute confidence that moving to TN was what I was supposed to do.

The second time, was when I made the decision to leave the church that I had attended for nearly 15 years. I had known for a while that it was the right choice, but to say that there were conflicting opinions would be one of the greatest understatements of all time.

I believe whole-heartedly in the leadership that God places in our lives. Sometimes though, I believe God wants to know if we’re more concerned with obeying man or Him. When we announced our decision, we were accused and attacked by the leadership of that particular church.

As I lay in bed while in the initial stages of this decision, I remember praying for the pastor of the church, when I was overwhelmed again by the tangible presence of God just like I had been 16 years earlier. In the midst of absolute chaos on all fronts, tears once again streamed down my face as God gave me that indescribable peace that was once again so tangible that it seemed I could breathe it in.

That deposit of God’s presence was so real and so significant that I was still aware of it for days following. I’ve never experienced the ‘presence’ of God so close for so long a time. That decision was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made, and I’ve clung to the roadmap of peace that God gave me as I walked out the path He set for me.

The Conclusion of a Long Post

If you’ve never tried following your ‘peace meter’ as one of my good friends likes to call it, I challenge you to give it a try. I can honestly say that I have never followed that guidance and been disappointed.

If you’re facing a difficult decision today, my prayer is that as you make time to listen to the guidance of God that you’ll find the peace that leads you into His kingdom purpose for your life.

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  • Christopher

    This is a great reminder that true maturity in Christ comes as we are led from the inside, not the outside. We walk by faith and not by sight. In this case, peace is the agent of faith. We are sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see as we wait for the peace of God for each step of the journey.

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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