10 Tips to Help You Conquer Fear

10 tips to help you conquer fear - how to conquer fear

10 Tips to Help You Conquer Fear

Fear presents itself in a lot of different ways.  It could be a benign fear of spiders, or it could be a heavy and constant fear of the future or a fear of being alone.  Some fears are momentary, and other fears can overshadow our lives for years.  In this post, I want to give you 10 tips to help you conquer fear.

This list is a combination of practical ways to step away from fear in a moment and some more permanent methods for addressing the root causes of the fear.  My hope is that no matter what fear you are facing at this particular moment, you’ll find a tool or resource here to help you through that moment and out of the life-hindering storm of fear.

10 Tips to Help You Conquer Fear

 How They Work:

    1. Address Obvious Habits

If you’re afraid of a having a heart-attack, then stop eating fried chicken and McJumbo meals every day.  If you’re afraid of being alone, then stop spending the day inside your house by yourself watching t.v.  Many times, our own habits make huge contributions to the fears we face.

    1. Take Immediate Action

Fight or flight response is great for keeping us alive, but not nearly as awesome at keeping us sane.  If you continually avoid or procrastinate the things you are afraid of, then they will continue to control you.  Write down one small step today you can take to confront those things you’re afraid of, and then act on it.  That single small step has powerful effects on our mind.  Do it again tomorrow, and watch the compounding effect that begins to happen.  ‘Eat that Frog’ by Brian Tracy is a fantastic tool for conquering this issue.

    1. Filter Your Influencers

Recognize the influence of friends and voices in your life.  Do they contribute to the problem or the solution?  If you’re afraid of monsters in your closet, then don’t watch horror flicks before bed.  If you’re afraid of your wife cheating on you, then don’t spend every moment talking to your friend who just went through a divorce.

    1. Avoid Idle Time

Someone once said that an idle mind is the devil’s playground.  I suspect that there is some degree of truth to that statement, especially when we are dealing with fears.  When we allow our mind to wander into areas of dominant thoughts, our creative subconscious begins to build on those thoughts.  Stop that from happening by occupying your time.  Find a hobby, do some work, read a book, call a friend, watch some t.v., or anything else that engages your mind in a positive way.

    1. Find Time to Exercise

There are so many links to physical and mental stress in our lives, and sometimes improving one can have positive effects on the other.  This is especially powerful if your fears deal with day to day stress of living.  You might be pleasantly surprised at how good you feel after puking your guts out during a cardio workout.

    1. Laugh …a LOT!

Laughter IS good medicine.  Have you ever been angry at someone and then something funny happened that made it just about impossible to keep being angry with them.  Laughter can have that same effect with fear.  Go rent the blue collar comedy tour or something that you find funny and have a good laugh.

    1. Replace Fearful Thoughts

I suspect that it’s pretty much impossible to actually clear our minds of thought.  Our brain is sort of like a big throne, and we always have a dominant thought sitting on that throne.  So many times when people are dealing with fear they try their hardest to not think about that fear.  Which, as you’ve probably already learned, has the complete opposite effect.  We try to push them off the mind throne, but there must always be a thought on that throne.  As soon as we make space, the fearful thought comes right back.  The only real option is to put another thought on that throne.  You must do this intentionally.  I personally like using faith building scriptures that I’ve memorized for this.  I simply say the verse out loud and begin to think about its meaning.

    1. Find Helpful Resources

There are some remarkable resources out there to help you conquer fear.  There are a wealth of sermons and teachings that can help you really change your mindset and help you permanently conquer fear.  Here’s one link to a message about activating faith instead of fear by Joel Osteen.

    1. Memorize Helpful Verses

As I already mentioned, I have used this technique to replace the thoughts that I can’t seem to conquer.  This also has an accumulative effect in changing our perspective about ourselves, our circumstances, and even God.  There are so many out there that I couldn’t possibly list them all, but here is one passage that I’ve always found helpful to me when trying to conquer fear.  Psalm Chapter 34.  Google, verses to help conquer fear, and you’ll get many more.

    1. Let Go of Uncontrollables

Ask any 12 step program member, and they’ll tell you the serenity prayer deals with some areas of life that you can’t do anything about.  Worrying about those things and letting them fill you with fear is completely self-destructive behavior.  One of the greatest choices you can make is to simply entrust those uncontrollables to the One who can make sure they work out okay.

I am obviously a believer, but if you’re not, then making the decision to welcome God’s involvement into your life can be the single greatest step you’ll ever take towards permanently conquering fear. If you’re ready to make that step, there’s no time like the present. Here’s a great video that will introduce you to a brand new way of doing life.

If you are a believer already, then maybe it’s time to have that face to face again.  Often times we take hold of things that we once surrendered to God, and the result is fear and anxiety.  You might benefit from checking out that video too.  :)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series, and I really pray that it will help you conquer fear and find a new and vibrant life.  I’d love to hear about it if you have benefited from this set.  Leave a comment and share something encouraging with everyone else.

Be blessed!

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