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radical change, ignite change series by jeremy binns

Radical Change:  Where does it start?

If you’re at all like me, then some days you look at yourself and realize that things have to change, and I’m not just talking about underwear and hair styles here.  I’m talking about radical change.

When I say ‘Radical Change’, I’m referring to the type of change that causes people who used to know you to do a double take and ask, “What happened to you?”

I work with a company called “The Grace & Strength Lifestyle →“.  They are a life coaching ministry team that helps to empower individuals to make radical changes in their health.  (primarily in regards to losing weight.)

Apparently, just about everyone in America needs to go on a diet, but so many people try and fail again and again.  It becomes a brutal cycle of increasing failures.

Dieting is not unlike other areas of our lives.  Radical Change is rarely a result of more effort.  Merely trying harder to change usually results the gut punch of reality telling us that we haven’t.  Here’s what I’ve found.  Radical Change that significantly alters our lives will always begin with a heart change.

When we value something, we hold it closer to our heart.  The more value, the closer to our heart it gets.  It’s like a train of priorities.  In fact, it’s the truest list of priorities that we have. As a proud dad, I can tell you that having children results in radical change!  Not just because you won’t sleep for 6 months either.  You experience radical change because something new has pushed it’s way to the front of the heart train.

A lot of irresponsible people suddenly become responsible when they have kids.  I remember driving home from the hospital with my first daughter, Breanna.

I became a radically different driver.  Not only that, I was seriously perturbed at anyone who happened to not join me in my new found driving reverence.  I wasn’t hitting the brake pedal because of the police officer in the mirror this time, it was a small and permanent life change that began with a 7lb 6oz heart change.

Permanent change is almost always a result of heart change.  This doesn’t mean we should never attempt to change again.  In fact, the presence of a desire to change is usually a result of heart changes already happening.

Here are two simple things you can do to encourage Radical Change in your own life:

  1. Practice focused alone time.
  2. Invite God’s involvement.
Practice Focused Alone Time:

Get a cup of coffee and some quiet music, and then just listen to your heart as you think about your life.  We so often miss positive change because we are slaves to our overburdened schedules.

I personally try to do this at least once a week for about an hour.  I like Sunday evenings because they’re usually low key, and I have the chance to plan my week while I’m at it.

Invite God’s Involvement:

We would be seriously ignoring the obvious if we ignored the involvement of God when talking about heart change.  He understands our hearts better than we do, and often times He is the only one capable of changing them.

Practice asking for His involvement in shaping your heart daily.  You’ll be amazed at what that little prayer can do to create change.

Change your heart, and you’ll change your world!

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  • http://www.twitter.com/tinydancer_xo Samantha Rogers

    Awesome word, Jeremy!! You’re such an inspiration!!

    • http://www.jeremybinns.com Jeremy Binns

      Thank you Samantha. You are too!

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