The Power of Movement – Ignite Change Series

The Power of Movement, How to Ignite Change

The Ignite Change Series

The Power of Movement

Frequently, the single most significant factor in creating change in our environment is taking one step towards our destination.  This is the power of movement.

Inactivity is the prison of purpose, and many purpose driven lives remain sidelined simply because we never take the first step onto the arena of battle.

Change is a unique creature though, and it rarely survives for extended periods of time in an environment of safety.  We unleash the power of movement when we see our destination and begin to move in that direction with decided determination.

The Power of Movement in Action:

I recently returned from a P.E.A.K. →mission trip involving 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.  These remarkable students and leaders boldly presented the Gospel in every environment they were placed.   I watched them minister in restaurants, neighborhoods, schools, day cares, and even theme parks.

These courageous individuals were not waiting for the perfect conditions.  They had a purpose, and they were determined to move in that direction regardless of the circumstance.  They embraced the power of movement during this short 10 day trip and witnessed 237 children and adults make the decision to give their lives to Christ.

Witnessing these events has resulted in one of the most radical perspective changes I’ve ever experienced.  I watched about 20 kids have a greater impact in 10 days than many churches have in 10 years! When I ask myself why God was able to do such extraordinary things through these lives, I keep coming back to two main ideas:

Two keys to extraordinary effectiveness:

    1. The Significance of Purpose. They knew what they were there for.
    2. The Power of Movement. They were constantly advancing towards their goals.

  When you apply the power of movement to the significance of purpose, dramatic results are inevitable!

What areas of purpose in your life have become stagnant with inactivity?  Right now, determine to put the power of movement into action.  Then, if you’re feeling really bold, solidify your resolve by telling us about it.  Make a declaration of your intention in the comments below.

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  • J.Carter

    Hey Jeremy,
    Since I was a teenager, exploring this confusing world, I have been blessed with a REAL sense of who GOD is and what our real purpose on this earth is. I remember your Uncle Tim reciting the gospel to Ben and I as young men hungry for life. I remember receiving The Holy Spirit and WEEPING from the very depths of my soul for CHRIST for the first time with your family…..I guess what I am trying to say here at 4:51am….
    (as I am getting home from work)….is….thank you. Thank you LORD for speaking to me through The Binns Family, and Thank you for just being in my life and not really going anywhere Jeremy. The words I read from your fingertips this morning truly speak to me on a level that won’t let me stop reading. Well spoken sir. I truly miss the deap conversaitons from days past………just wanted to say thanks bro.

    Your Friend In Christ,
    Jeremy Carter

    • Jeremy Binns

      Hey friend,

      Thanks for all the kind words. I’m guessing I speak for the rest of the clan when I say that we’ve been blessed to have you in our lives too.

      I’ve seen your sensitivity to God, and I know that He has a plan and purpose for your life. I believe that you are going to be – if you aren’t already – that same kind of inspiration and voice in the lives of people and young men in your own circle of influence.

      Love you friend,

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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