…but nothing has changed! No, everything has changed.

faith sees what has not yet appeared

Wendy – “But nothing has changed!”

Me – “No, Everything has changed.”

Faith.  It’s a little bit difficult to explain at times.  By it’s very definition, faith is without any substantiating evidence.  So when you have one of those moments in life where you move from hope that God might do something to a complete faith that He IS going to do something, it’s not going to be something that you can prove to anyone.  By its very definition, faith is without any substantiating evidence.

Faith is the substance of things that are hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.  (Hebrews 11:1)  Recently, God spoke to me that He was going to supernaturally calm the storms in my life.  You can read about it a recent blog post called ‘Smiles’ →.  What I’ve been seeing since that day are little tiny glimmers of possibility.  I guess it’s like holding a large hunk of coal in your hands and seeing the faintest little speck of light reflecting off of what could be a diamond.  The only thing is, that I KNOW there’s a diamond in the lump of coal.  I don’t have any evidence or proof, but somehow I just know.  The little excerpt above from a conversation between Wendy and I was about this very topic.  Her concern was that nothing had changed in regard to the present moment facts of this particular situation.  But because of my faith in what God had spoken to me, I already knew that everything had changed.  It just hasn’t completely been birthed into reality yet.

When Elijah prayed for rain seven times during a very long drought, there finally appeared a cloud about the size of a man’s hand in the sky.  Elijah then told his servant to get his umbrella and poncho because there was a monsoon about to drop on them.  All of the evidence based in present moment facts contradicted this statement of faith.  The history contradicted it.  The forecast contradicted it. More than likely, the people who heard about it contradicted it.  But Elijah knew.  He didn’t try to prove it, he just proclaimed it and then prepared for it.  I love a quote that I recently heard from Cyndi Benson, “Faith gets prepared”. Faith gets prepared. – Cyndi Benson

So as I’m sitting here typing, it occurs to me that I’m not going to be able to wow you with some great inspirational story because I don’t have the details yet.  It’s impossible to communicate faith using present moment facts, and after faith finally bears it’s fruit, it ceases to be faith.  It becomes His-story.  Because of this, you might be thinking to yourself that nothing has changed, but my faith already knows that everything has changed.  I see the glimmer in the coal, and I see the faint cloud in the blazing desert sky.

What has God spoken into your life that is currently requiring faith?  Have you allowed the lack of present moment facts to discourage you?   Tell your story by leaving a comment below.

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  • Cyndi Benson

    The latter is promised to be BETTER than the former…..Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready!!!!!!

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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