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Recently, I’ve been thinking about grace a lot.  I guess that most of the people who know me personally know that the decision to leave the wedding industry caused us to take a pretty big hit financially.  Because of that, we have been doing what we could with freelance work and odd jobs to make ends meet while I began the search for a ‘normal’ job.  Initially, things were tough, but we managed to keep our heads above water, but the past several months were quite frankly just more than we were able to handle on our own.

As a believer, I remained confident that everything happens for a reason, and that God was somehow or another going to meet our needs like He always has before.  However, it’s hard to convince the electric company that God is going to help you pay the bill.  Doesn’t quite fly if you know what I mean.  Our house payment was as far behind as it could be without a knock on the door asking us to leave, and we didn’t see any additional income source on the horizon.  I honestly believed that God was going to work something out, but I also know that sometimes He uses situations and circumstances that are difficult to work something out of me.  As a man, I worked hard and continued to send out job applications and resumes, but I hadn’t received even a single call back.  At some point, faith begins to be a little more difficult to exercise, and if you’ve ever found yourself in a hot shower just praying that the water would somehow wash away all of your problems just like it was washing the unseen tears off of your face, then I guess you can understand.  One of the most difficult moments was simply looking towards heaven and saying the words, “I trust you.”  What I found, was that He is always trustworthy.

My family is so incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by people who genuinely care for us.  Our family, our friends, and the incredible family at the church we attend.  When I received a phone call that some of those people had heard we were struggling and wanted to help, it wasn’t the miracle that I had been expecting.  As a general rule of thumb, I prefer for people to not know that I’ve had to apply for food stamps and that I don’t know how I’m going to pay my electric bill this month.  I really wanted God to bring a miracle in the mail, or maybe a sack full of cash on the doorstep, or even a call for a big job that needed done.  But that wasn’t the case.  God chose to use the people close to us to demonstrate His love and grace.  It was humbling and overwhelming at the same time, as the people who love us displayed such an extravagant generosity and completely helped us with all of our immediate financial needs.  It was a humbling experience, but it also filled me with a deep deep gratitude.

Those people displayed perfectly God’s grace.  We hadn’t earned any help.  No one owed us anything.  They simply loved us enough to reach out a helping hand, and their actions really showed me something about grace that I’ve always known, but never really really known – if that makes sense.  When they helped us, that money didn’t just appear on a tree somewhere.  It was a representation of their time, their efforts, their energy.  Someone got up in the morning and went to a job with a boss that they didn’t like, and that same person chose to give the fruit of that labor to someone else.  The grace I received came freely to me, but it cost the ones who gave it a lot.

I thank God for the loving community that God has surrounded me with.  I am eternally grateful for each of you.  Not just today, but every day.

*I should also point out that the same day this happened, one of our Pastor’s at the Oasis Church in Nashville  prayed for me and my job hunt.  The very next day after months of searching, I was called for an interview and have since been hired with a company working in a technology industry that I really enjoy.  Thank you God!

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