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I need to spend about an hour and post some of the heavier things that I feel like have been changing and taking place, so I hesitate to even start writing because I know I won’t want to leave out important details.

However, here’s a nutshell of what’s been happening.  Saphera sat up for 30 seconds today by herself.  She looked a little like a weeble, but she wobbled for a while before finally falling down.  Breanna, is growing up at a ridiculous rate, and is transforming before my eyes into a powerful young lady.  Wendy is coping with the chaos of life pretty remarkably.  I’m humbled and honored to have such devotion from someone so spectacular.  If we could really judge ourselves by the company we keep, then I’d be pretty freakin’ awesome.  :)

This past week, I believe, was a turning point in our lives.  (this is where I’ll have to do another post later in more detail to give honor to whom honor is so truly due)  Through God’s grace and some of His awesome people, we can see a really positive light at the end of this long tunnel we’ve been going through during this time of transition with our careers.  One of our pastors prayed for us on Tuesday, and on Wednesday I received two calls for job interviews.  Yesterday, I was officially offered one of the jobs doing something that allows me to really embrace my inner geek.  Oddly, it’s a little bit hush hush regarding the specifics, so if you want to know more you’ll have to ask me in person or something.  The job is scheduled to start two weeks from yesterday.

Well, I said the post would be brief, and I look forward to sharing in greater detail some of what has been happening when I have a few extra minutes to write.  If I had to sum up my life today with one word…  #thankful


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