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This morning, as I was having my devo time. I was doing a lot of thinking about how insecurity affects people in such devastating ways. Insecurity is like a social bomb that explodes inside of us. It demolishes our identity and purpose while leaving us wounded, hurting, and alone. If that wasn’t enough, the blast of that social bomb leaves us at the epicenter of a blast that has propelled every possible person of help further away from us. The result, we feel more alone and more insecure. Can you see the cycle? As our insecurity manifests itself in more and more increasing measure, the blast becomes greater and greater. The people in our lives are wounded and begin to withdraw further and further distances until that point where we feel that our insecurity was and is completely justified.

In leadership, there are few traits that are more destructive than insecurity. It will turn friends into enemies, disagreements into dissension, and it will exchange identity for position. Insecurity will destroy the potential of any organization more quickly than any other. Because of insecurity, a leader begins to view everyone, even friends, as competitors, and starts to look at them through suspicious eyes. They will begin to surround themselves exclusively with like minded people and will demonize anyone who chooses to disagree with their ideology. Eventually, because of insecurity, they will cling so desperately to their position that they will exchange the very identity God has given them for that position. Their position, which can never be held firm, becomes their source of security and identity. Tragically, this only brings one more element of synergy to the cycle of events.

At the heart of insecurity, there is a scared and lonely child that is looking for a love that is both unchanging and powerful. If we try to find this in people, we will eventually be let down. Sometimes more than others, and this let down will once again add more fuel to the fire burning away any sense of trust that we may have once possessed. If we try to find it in ourselves, we face an even greater problem. We come to the realization that we can’t even depend on the one person who should be the most dependable of all – ourselves. Therefore, we solidify and establish the foundation upon which we are building this prison of insecurity and give it a dull gray paint job in the process.

The only true source of security comes from an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. When we ‘live and move and have our being’ in Christ as the scripture instructs us, we find that there is an unfailing love that is not only always at our side, but is also powerful enough to bring us through any adversity that might come our way. When we find our identity in Christ, people can come into our lives and leave our lives freely without it diminishing our perception of our own value. As we live inside of Him, the positions that we have clung so desperately to become increasingly insignificant because they are peripheral to us. Positions become like small satellites that exist in our atmosphere for a time and then move on, but the center of our universe is Christ – and inside of Him, we see ourselves.

I am certain that there isn’t a person reading this that hasn’t battled with security at one time or another. The answer is simple. Look at His face. Take His hand. Accept His love. “Father, I pray that any person reading this blog will at this moment be overwhelmed by the nearness and awareness of your presence. I pray that they see in your eyes a reflection of themselves that is fearfully and wonderfully made. I pray that by faith, they will let go of their insecurities at this moment and by faith step into your unfailing arms and love. I pray that this moment would be life changing.”

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"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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