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So much going on lately that I feel as though I need a racing harness with me at all times.  It’s not all good, but that’s what God is using it for.

Wendy had a pretty fun and crazy time last night at Lonnie’s Karaoke Bar in Nashville with one of her sisters and a couple of friends.  It’s pretty cool because they run a live feed of the Karaoke stage online at their website.  So, even though it was a girls night out, I was able to watch them having a great time at home while working.  Isn’t technology so cool.  Here’s a picture of my screen while she was signing.  Gotta love the giant steer in the background – go Nashville!  :)

Breanna made me so incredibly proud the other day.  I was in a room filled with some truly exceptional kids, and the speaker was teaching about what it means to demonstrate Christ’s love.  She told of a contest happening with a large group of pre-teen kids that involved stacking cups in a certain way as fast as possible.  One of the children involved was a special needs kid who was having some troubles.  Several boys nearby were growing impatient in the way that young boys are so gifted at and began to plead with the teacher to move along.  She said that while everyone else was concerned with the next step, one little girl politely asked if she could help the other child with the challenge.  The teacher agreed, and watched as the girl patiently encouraged and instructed the other child in how to complete the challenge.  She didn’t do it for her, but instead, she empowered the child who was struggling.  As I was sitting in this room with all of these kids, I was thinking to myself, “what an awesome kid”.  It was at that moment that the instructor turned to Breanna with a ‘high five’ hand and said, “Good job Breanna.”  To say that my heart swelled beyond it’s usual capacity would be an understatement.  It’s amazing to me that an eleven year old can grasp the heart of the Gospel on such an internal level and already begin being the light in this world.  I love you baby, and I’m so proud of you!

Saphera is sleeping still.  Although, yesterday after I had finished changing what had to be one of the most awful smelling diapers in the history of diapers, she looked at me and gave me one of the biggest and most sincere smiles to date.  It made even that diaper worth the nostril searing agony.  She still won’t smile on demand for me like she does for Wendy, but we’re making progress.

An interesting thought that came from my morning devo time was relating to the passage of scripture where we are told to put on the armor of God.  One of the implements we are instructed to dawn is the stylish footwear referred to here, “and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace” (Eph. 6:15)  I was trying to dig into each of the elements a little deeper, and when I came to this one the idea that jumped in my heart was this.  Peace isn’t something that comes with being in a certain environment or situation.  We, figuratively, place that peace on our feet each and every day so that regardless of where our path takes us, each and every step lands firmly on the solid footing of God’s perfect peace.  It brings new light to the phrase, “Go in peace.”  Have a great day!


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