Just a bit of craziness…

I’m sitting here looking at 2 large diet cokes, two cups of coffee, one water bottle, one thermos, a cup, empty tub of Ben & Jerry’s, untold miscellaneous dishes, and a pile of to-do lists that I need to combine into a single to-do list and my life feels about as cluttered at the moment as this sentence does.

Good Things:

Wendy hasn’t tried to smother me in my sleep lately.  In fact, I think her body is finally returning to its normal level of hormonal harmony – which borders on the heavy metal side of music.  But that’s okay, I love that variety much better than the wild ride of postpartum fun.  There were definitely a couple of nights that I slept with one eye open.

Breanna has been wowing me with her maturity.  Last week, she was able to do a small acting part for a film team from Dallas.  However, when we arrived at Opry Mills in Nashville for the shoot with her friend, the directors basically said they were going to use her friend and not her after all.  I expected that I’d be spending the rest of the day being a self-esteem cheerleader.  What blew me away though was her sincere happiness for her friend and her lack of jealousy or discouragement.  It turned out that after they saw her in action, they used her after all – she’s truly got some mad skills in the drama department, but in my book those are all secondary to the beautiful soul I see shining in her.

Saphera has started smiling at me.  For some reason, it’s only for about 3 seconds, and then it’s like she figures out that I’m a little on the strange side and then her smile turns to a curious frowny type face.  She’s such a doll though.  The kid doesn’t like to lay down if she’s awake.  In fact, she doesn’t even like to recline a lot of the time.  There have been quite a few occasions now that I’ve watched her eyelids slowly open and close more and more slowly as she drifts to sleep sitting up straight.  It’s cute.  Really cute.

Wendy & I are reading the Blessed Life by Robert Morris.  So far, it’s a really balanced approach on a topic that is so skewed (in both directions) that I generally can’t stand hearing about it.  The other night, we made a choice to put God first in a particular area of our finances as an act of faith, trust, and obedience.  The same night, someone got into my car and stole my stereo faceplate, my money (not much), and my daughters clarinet.  The irony of it was almost comical.  I know though, that everything entering my life has been God-filtered and is either a test, or an opportunity.  (even if it’s disguised as someone breaking into my car)  So, I’m still listing this under good things because I know that all things (even troublesome things) are working together for my good.  (it’s also good that I didn’t catch the little punk right after it happened.  God had to work on me for a little bit to get my attitude into the right place.)  :)  I’ll keep you posted on the blessed life.  We are confident of some good things on the horizon.  Mainly because we’re at a point where we’re fully dependent on God right now, and my experience is that He is fully reliable.

Areas of opportunity…

I’ve got to really get my days prioritized.  I feel like I’m still giving too much of my time to tasks that are really insignificant.  I think that I really can manage all of my responsibilities if I can just get a little more organized and focused.  Sleep is a problem area, not that I can’t sleep, because I can at the drop of a hat.  The problem is that I’m just not sleeping until I can’t avoid it any longer.  It caused a big problem for me last Sunday when I completely slept through all 5 alarms.  Arggg!

There’s certainly more, but I’m done writing now and ready to get back to work.  Probably going to be a very late night.


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