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Failings and Focus

One of my goals this week was to write each day. Unfortunately, I have failed miserably. Maybe now, I’m only writing to assuage my guilt over not having kept to a resolution.
I’ve noticed during different periods of my life when I have a little bit of downtime, and I should be more productive than ever, it ends up just being squandered on pointless activities. The other day, I wanted to do something with my daughter, so we got a couple of movies for a movie night. That was all good, the two extra movies that I watched after she went to bed was about 4 hours of my time, that should have been spent on one of the areas of life that I am trying to develop more.
I’m so tired of saying that my life has purpose and significance and then living as if what I do doesn’t affect anything or anyone. Tonight I had to put on the disciplinarian boots and take Breanna on a walk down consequence lane with a long talking. (part of being a parent that really sucks for me) I had to tell her that her actions don’t have effects on her life only, but they reflect on me, her mom, the leadership team she is on, and everyone who’s life she is connected to. And not just when her actions are bad, but also when she chooses to live at her potential, it makes all of us look good and lifts our lives in the process. As a parent, I could not possibly be more proud of a kid than I am of Breanna, and I wouldn’t trade her for any other child on this earth.

20120209-001126.jpgShe’s truly remarkable.
All the while that I was giving her the N’th degree though, in the back of my mind, my conscience, or perhaps the Spirit, kept pulling up the virtual mirror and I saw the finger pointing right back at me.
I know that my choices and my actions affect so many more people than just myself. My most earnest prayer lately has been for God to really help me to selflessly love like Him. I don’t want laziness, selfishness, or apathy to continue to sabotage what I really want my life to be.
I guess that tonight, I’m doing more journaling than blogging, but I just have to get my ducks in a row sometimes. Not sure why, but apparently it’s bad when your ducks aren’t in a row. The space time continuum gets thrown all out of whack or something.
On the plus side, I did have some success in the baking arena. I made some pretty awesome French Baguettes using the recipe on the King Arthur Flour page. It’s about a two day process from start to finish, but it was definitely worth it.

Here they are after the final pre-rise, and shaped into the baguettes.

Here they are right before getting into the oven.

And here is the finished product before being ripped to delicious shreds by now slightly burnt fingers. (it was worth the pain)

Also in my life this week, I have a new wife again. I’m one of those lucky guys who gets a new wife every 6 months or so. It definitely keeps things interesting in the… nevermind. I should clarify that by new wife, I really mean that my wife made a dramatic change to her hair style again. We did a little photo shoot of her new do. She loves the camera almost as much as it loves her.

Anyhow, I think that I need a laptop. Writing blogs on my iPhone takes forever. Have a good night!

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