Everyday Aesthetic – “To Understand”

To Understand - chinese calligraphy brush

To Understand

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I’ve always been fascinated by pretty much anything oriental.  Asian cultures, and the Chinese particularly, seem to be overflowing with history and art.  I don’t know if the calligraphy brush and ink well are common place among those cultures today, but I still find them to be objects of beauty.  Today’s photograph is a brush that I purchased on a recent trip to San Francisco in the tourist section of China Town.  (after being urged out of the non-tourist section of China Town because they didn’t particularly seem to like me taking pictures)  I haven’t been able to master it.  I suppose that shouldn’t be a surprise since any art medium involving painting or drawing have always seemed to be slightly out of my grasp.  What wasn’t out of my reach though was, of course, my camera.

I titled this shot “To Understand” because of the power behind the written word.  The written word, like no other form of communication, can withstand time and communicate ideas, emotions, and information to the fortunate individual who chooses to read it.  Reading has for quite a few years now been a quest that I’ve undertaken, partly for the simple enjoyment, but also because it’s a consuming desire inside of me to understand the ‘Why’ questions that are so pervasive in life and relationships.  In a single book, or sometimes in even a single sentence, a lifetime of experience can be transferred through the simple shapes that we call letters and words.

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