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Seems like lately I’ve been blogging more in general, but it also seems like I’ve been posting less about the day to day adventures of my family. How else will the epic story of how we overcame insurmountable odds and stood atop the pinnacle of fulfillment ever be told if I don’t keep track of it?

So here are the epic moments that have been transpiring lately. Be prepared for epic-ness in the extreme. (I’m personally starting to grow a bit tired of the word ‘epic’. – but not tired enough to stop using it though. It’s a pretty epic word, you have to admit that.)

I guess to top the charts would be the fact that my hand moved about an 1/8th of an inch the other night. I know, you’re thinking more fail than epic, but let me tell you why my hand moved those 2 or 3 millimeters. Eggroll has developed enough strength to be felt by putting my hand on mama’s belly. I’ve suspected that I might have felt it a couple of times before, but the other night while sitting on the couch I felt the little prodigy in the making kick, punch, and river dance for about 10 minutes straight. It’s hard for it to not feel more real at that moment. So yeah, that’s one of the most significant 1/8th inch that my hand has moved in about 11 years. I love my babies. (I also love the fact that I can say ‘babies’ now instead of just ‘baby’!)


In other news, Breanna was finally able to have her Birthday part sleep over. She had one rule for Wendy. No talking about the baby or coupons. She’s been absolutely hilarious lately. I like to think that she’s acquiring her daddy’s quick whit and sense of humor. For instance, check out her facebook status from the other night. (unfortunately, she may be also acquiring my skill for spelling – gonna have to teach her about spell check)


During the party, we stayed up till midnight playing cranium with her and 3 of her closest friends. (caution: bragging to follow) So, I was on her team with one of her friends, and Wendy was on the other team with her other two friends. Wendy is queen of smack talk. She claims to be able to beat me at nearly everything. She is forever saying that she can dominate me in ping pong, but whenever I say we should buy a ping pong table for the living room she says no. Obviously because she’s afraid of me throttling her and squelching her arrogance forever. Well the ping pong debate may have to remain unsolved for a bit longer, but the debate that has been settled in concrete and definitively forever is the fact that my team – “Snap, Crackle, Pop” absolutely decimated her team – “Team Awesomeness.” It was a difficult pill for her to swallow, and I’m pretty sure I saw the future of one of those poor little darling girls come to an abrupt end as the final grains of sands fell to the heap of rubble at the bottom of the hourglass symbolically and literally bringing an end to their hopes and dreams of conquest. Not to rub it in, but we immediately got up and performed a hybrid victory dance / chat. It was a mix of a frat, african tribal, and a dash of UFC reenactment as we chanted ‘Snap – Crackle – POP’ over and over while they sobbed and wept at the kitchen table. Perhaps the only thing that would have made it better would have been some colorful and threatening face paintings. … next time.

Speaking of face paintings though… It has become an annual tradition that at breanna’s birthday sleepover that we let them do a dress up photo shoot. Wendy does their hair and makeup. It’s always a lot of fun. This year, her friend sophie said… oh, and I need you to put a scar above my eye like ‘kesha’. They’re a hilarious group of girls. Here’s a couple shots from their session.




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