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“It’s also like a man going off on an extended trip. He called his servants together and delegated responsibilities. To one he gave five thousand dollars, to another two thousand, to a third one thousand, depending on their abilities. Then he left.”   Matthew 25:14-15 msg

So why isn’t God fair?  Why does he give some less than others, and why do some people always have more?  Some times I look at a particular area of my life and feel like I have been so blessed that it almost isn’t fair, and other times I am forced to focus on other areas of my life where the unfairness is glaringly obvious because it seems like everyone else on earth has it better than I do.  Why would God do that?

Then I read the passage above, and it almost validates the notion that God really does play favorites and is just not being fair.  I mean really, if we expect anyone or anything in this universe of matter and time to come close to fairness, it’s God!  Yet, so many times in life – it feels like I have struggled with reality and what I want to believe about God.  I want to believe that God is fair, but so many times – reality says that He isn’t.  And I’m not always talking about being fair in a negative way.  I have a good metabolism and a healthy physique.  It’s relatively easy for me to maintain weight and discipline myself to eat correctly.  Is that fair?  (not complaining! – just asking an honest question)

I think the nagging question sometimes haunts the darker corners of our minds and we ask the question in the silent whispers of our subconscious.  Especially if we’re believers.  We cringe at the notion that we might question God.  Here’s the thing though.  God gave us the ability to ask why.  For too many years, I lived in a relative terror of God because of questions like these.  I was certain that God was going to kill me or something equally bad because I had such wicked questions like this one.  Here’s what I’ve learned though.  God places ‘Why’ in our vocabulary, but he also places ‘Trust’.  Our mind can and will question God probably throughout our entire lives, but our hearts can learn His heart and that trust of His love can rise above any question that our minds can stumble over.

Sometimes though, God doesn’t make us just walk in blind faith forever.  The bible says in Proverbs 25:2 that “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter.”  My personal experience has been that there is a greater understanding of God’s love on the other side of every difficult question that I’ve ever had about the ‘Why’s” of God.  Sometimes He hides things, or ‘conceals’ them so that we will look deeper into that subject and see Him for who He really is.

Back to the question… Here’s a thought on why God isn’t fair.  God’s greatest desire for us in life is to repair and shape us on a heart level.  Everything else in life, our possessions, our positions, and the things we pursue are all peripheral to this fact.  As a believer, God’s greatest desire for your life is to see the nature and the love of Christ emerging from the innermost recesses of your heart.  This “Christ Nature” will affect every other area of your life.  Most of these other things that we get so worked up about temporal and will be insignificant next week, month, or year.

With that in mind, one of the ways that God shapes our hearts and tests our attitude is by this perceived ‘unfairness’.  And, let me say that I am convinced that it is in fact just a perceived unfairness because just because someone else may not have your smoking hot good looks, they may have something that you don’t.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.”

When someone in your job field our performs you, how does your heart react?  When you drive by someone with a piece of junk car, and yours is shiny and new, how does your heart react?  For some of us, the challenge isn’t how we react with people who have more than we do, it’s how we react to people who have less?  For some of us, it isn’t how we treat the people who are less talented than we are, it’s the way we treat those who excel beyond us.  This hierarchy of ability, power, and possessions one of the most effective ways that God molds, tests, and reforms our hearts into His image.

So is God fair?  Maybe not, but he’s unfair to us in the ways that we most need it.  And, I think He’s equally unfair to everyone, so maybe that does make Him fair after all.  I’ll let you decide that, but don’t get so hung up in your head that you miss out on the opportunity for growth in your heart.

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