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On the plus side, I now have an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of my GE Select washing machine.  Why you may ask… well, it has recently been stopping randomly during the wash cycle.  Not so cool when you go to put your clothes into the dryer in hopes that they’ll be dry in time to keep you from being late to your appointment, only to lift the lid on the washing machine and find said clothes floating in a suds filled tub.  Not so cool at all.  I eventually took the ‘tub’ apart and disassembled pretty much everything in the whole contraption.  I cleaned the pumps and other mystery parts, took some compressed air and blew off all of the electronics, and gave each of the switches a once over.  Not sure what exactly I did, but it is working so far…  (just a side note for all of you who don’t enjoy spending your day doing things like this – don’t wash pillows in the washing machine, and if you ignore the advice and still do it – don’t wash so many pillows at once that one of them gets out over the edge during the spin cycle and decorates the interior of your washing machine with pillow stuffing – again… not cool)


Wendy is still on bed rest.  She had a bladder infection that was causing her to have contractions.  We almost thought that little eggroll was trying to come early for a while.  They rushed her into the maternity ward and hooked her up to enough wires to get the terminator all hot and bothered.  Fortunately though, egg roll is still in the oven and not scheduled to make an appearance until December.  Wendy is seen here being protected by Kallie and a young gang member masquerading as my daughter.


Since she’s been on bed rest, Breanna has been helping with cooking.  My iPhone didn’t do a terrific job here, but what you’re looking at is a 1 Carrot ring that she carved for me while making supper the other night.  Her creativity seems to be blossoming lately in so many areas.  For instance, her writing skills… (albeit without spelling mastery)




Yes, I’m not sure whether to be proud or to ban her from facebook.  :)  Not really, I absolutely love her posts.  She may have more wit than I do.  We shall see..



If her taste in T-shirts and hair feathers are any indication, she has mad style sense too.  What she doesn’t have though, is pneumonia or ear problems.  Which, at the urging of my wife, I went to the doctor to confirm.


It’s kind of hilarious.  Her mom told her that if she had ear problems they might have to give her shots and do surgery.  (don’t ask me… i don’t know what she was thinking either)  Breanna was partly terrified then when we went to the doc, but it wasn’t helped any when we got into the room and the sounds of a young boy screaming at the top of his lungs as they were without a doubt performing leg amputations without the use of anesthesia.  (the nurse said he was getting a shot, but that was no ‘getting a shot’ scream – unless it was about a 9mm shot.)

***In other news… Wendy’s van had a catastrophic break down.  Small miracle though because it happened in a parking lot right before she got on the interstate to make an hour long drive.  The steering capability went completely out of it – I may post pics later, but if it had happened on the interstate, it very likely would have resulted in a pretty bad wreck. – My truck started leaking power steering fluid.  After taking the front end of that mostly apart at 10:00 at night, I finally figured out that it was coming out of the radiator, and therefore not in the “run to the store and get a new part” category of fixes.  Add to these trivial little events of the day the fact that I’m still working 14+ hour days pretty consistently and you may think that I’d have reason to complain a bit.

Instead, I’m trying to make the proverbial lemonade.  I used my disassembled van for my “Everyday Aesthetic” picture today.  It’s a reminder to me to look for beauty and gratitude in every situation that life presents.  It’s a little ironic, that in the middle of all the chaos of our lives this year, it has still managed to be what I consider one of the best years of our marriage and family.  When I take time to really think about where I’m at, and what could be – gratitude starts to come pretty easy.



  ***As always, you can view all of my artwork, order prints, and download the digital images at my online gallery here.***

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