Things Hoped For

I really felt fortunate today with my ‘Everyday Aesthetic’ shot.  There’s a small walk bridge near my house that I’ve always admired for it’s repeating lines and elements in the architecture.  I decided to pull off the road today real quick and grab a few shots.  I wasn’t really happy with what I was getting initially.  I needed about a 300mm lens to really get the perspective that I wanted to show in the image I had in mind.  Seeing as how I was shooting with a 70-200, (and didn’t have my 2x teleconverter with me) I wasn’t totally thrilled.

I stepped back from the bridge, and decided to shoot the entire scene instead of just the supports.  As soon as I framed it up, I was really loving the converging lines and triangles it was creating.  I also decided to do a little creative focusing.  I set the focus for the image just in front of the foreground.  Doing this caused the foreground in the image to be slightly blurred, but still recognizable.  The background is obviously devoured by the bokeh.

One of my favorite photography quotes of all time says, “The lens always looks both ways.”  In other words, when you look at a picture – especially an art piece, you see not only the subject of the photograph but also a glimpse into the photographer.  That said, I often times look for symbolism when I’m shooting.  This shot holds a lot of significance to me.  It’s representative of the journey that I’m on at this point in my life.  I don’t see everything clearly at this point.  There’s a lot of hazy areas.  I can see my path, but I just don’t know where it’s going to end up.  When I had to the ‘good fortune’ of a headlight intruding slightly into this particular frame I almost threw this shot out, but as so often is the case, it became my favorite.  It’s the glimpse I’ve had of something bright in my future.  (not an oncoming train or car… )  It’s not entirely visible yet, and it’s still unrecognizable; but it’s there.  It’s the ‘substance of things hoped for’ in my life.  Thanks for stopping by.

"Things Hoped For'

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