Starting a New Art Photography Project

Last year, I worked on a photography project where I photographed and art style image each day.  It was initially going to be a 365 project, but we had some huge drama in our lives, and it ended up being about a 185 day project instead.  They’re some of my favorite images, and I’m uploading them to my store where they’ll be available as prints or digital downloads.

Today, I was listening to Bill Fortney give a lecture at the Dury’s Pro Photo Store in Nashville.  Bill is a guy who has been shooting a little bit longer than I’ve been alive and has so many stunning images that it’s almost disheartening to a guy like myself.  But… As I listened to him, something clicked inside of me and re-ignited my passion for the art of photography.  I get so caught up in the work of photography sometimes that the fact that I absolutely love imagery and aesthetics of beautifully crafted and captured photographs gets lost in my subconscious somewhere.  But I remembered it today, like an underground aquifer bubbling up to the surface.  I still love photography.  And,… sometimes I forget how much I’ve learned about the craft until I listen to a lecture.  I

have hundreds of books and magazines that I’ve purchased on photography.  Not to mention the countless hours that I’ve spent browsing photography online… (no, not that kind).  I’ve learned so much, and I’ve improved so much from the days when I first started.  (I’ve gotten good enough, to know that I have a lot to learn still.)

Anyhow, I guess I’m just laying some groundwork for the new project I’m starting.  I don’t want to do another 365 project because quite frankly, I don’t enjoy shooting an image at 1:00 in the morning because I’ve been too busy working up until that point to sneak one in.  Those days were rare, but they took a lot of the fun out of the project when I ran into them.  Other than that though, I loved the project.  It was one of the most beneficial and rewarding photography challenges I’ve ever undertaken.  It forced me, in a good way, to see the world through my creative eyes.  it forced me to see beauty and aesthetic around me all the time.  So what I’ve decided to do is a project similar to the 365, but with a couple of variations.  Number 1:  If I’m crazy busy that day, I don’t have to shoot.  I am

requiring myself to give each day my best effort, but it’s art, not sadism.  Number 2:  I’m not limiting it to 365.  I want this to be a lifelong project.  God has placed us inside of the marvelous world, I’d love to be able to record the small pieces of it that I enjoy each day that I live.

Today… it was a busy day.  I was shooting at a wedding until about midnight, and trust me – I’m in no mood to photograph anything right now.  I’m pretty sure that if Brittany Spears and J-Lo came into my office right now riding a snow leopard and an albino elephant I’d have to politely ask them to leave and come back in the morning… very late in the morning.  But, I did have a few minutes to grab some detail shots before the bride arrived.  I snapped this shot of an antique chandelier.  it will also be available on the store for print purchase and for digital download.

Common Bond

You can purchase this or any of my fine art photography here.  All images are available as prints and or digital downloads.  Thank you!

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  • Scott O.

    I met bill about 3 years ago, and it really changed the way I think. What an inspiring photographer, a great friend, but more importantly . . a brother in Christ!

    Are you familiar with his blog?

    • Jeremy

      No kidding! Terry Wyatt turned me onto him. I’m really glad I went and checked it out today. The class content was geared more towards beginners, but just the inspiration that you ‘catch’ from being around a guy like that is about as close to priceless as you can get with photography.

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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