Celebrating 12,783 Days of Life

That’s right you mathematician, I turned 35.  It wasn’t bummed about getting older, it just seemed like another birthday to me.  In fact, after I stopped dying my hair and revealed that I was already the coolest looking guy with gray hair, I feel like I’m at the prime of my life.  I’m entering the age where someone might actually look to me for wisdom, (scary thought), and I’m still able to walk on my hands without breaking any brittle bones.  So yeah, I’m lovin’ being 35.

The good stuff:  What did I get…  I’m not going to show the cards and stuff that I got for my birthday, but this is one of the first years in a long time that several people have sent me really heartfelt cards that just really made my day.  I truly felt loved and appreciated.  What more can you ask for on a birthday… or any day for that matter.

Well, maybe you could ask for some cool lomography pins.  If you have no idea what lomography is, I’ll give you a brief explanation from my perspective.  It’s all about enjoying the beautiful images that came in eras past by some seriously cheap cameras, and I’m not just referring to their price tag.  They are lightweight plastic film cameras with plastic lenses, and they have all kinds of problems from light leaks to just general crappy-ness, in the most beautiful way possible.

Here’s a couple websites where you can check out some of the images produced with some of the ‘lomo’ type cameras.  They’re awesome.

Lomography Website
Lomography on Facebook – definitely worth a like!

Anyhow… since Wendy knows that I’ve been a fan of the lomographic world for a while now, she got me a few buttons / pins to adorn my own hi-tech camera gear.  I’m still not sure what the little eskimo looking doll thing on the middle button is supposed to be, but hey, I’m sure it’ll make sense someday.


Oh, and I should probably mention that these buttons also came in the box with a shiny new Diana F+ Camera!!!!!!!!!!!!  Chrome Edition!!!!!!!  The Diana may be the most perfect camera out there for lomography.  She scored major with this birthday present.  I’ll have to share some pictures eventually, but seeing as how it’s a medium format ‘film’ camera, the process isn’t quite as instantaneous as the pictures here that I shot with my iPhone.


Oh, and I should probably mention some more of her awesomeness, because she also got me a plastic fisheye lens to go with it!!!!!  I think that most people will fail to understand how epic this birthday has been.  Uhhh-mAAAzing!!!



It probably couldn’t get any better, Right?  Wrong!  Follow that up with a sushi making set, and you have quite possibly the worlds most perfect birthday!  You know I’ll be sharing my sushi experiences here too, so brace yourself.



Thank you Wendy for the best birthday ever!!!!

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