When I’m Not Rescuing Kittens



When I’m not saving the world and small kittens from imminent danger, this is usually what occupies my time.  On just about any given day, I spend most of it with these little gems.  64 GB of Sandisk memory cards.  In case you’re wondering, there have been times when I’ve filled all of them at a wedding.  Usually that’s a lot of fun while it’s happening, but editing thousands of pictures later on isn’t quite as much fun. If I’ve ever photographed you, odds are that you’re beautiful mug was at one time broken down into a few million 0’s and 1’s and then stored on one of them.  I figure that nearly half a million pictures have gone through these guys over the last several years.

Editing that many pictures almost demands that I somehow stimulate my body.  Enter coffee into the equation.  I don’t drink  excessive amounts, but I do like to brew a small pot pretty much ever day that I have to wake up.  Since I enjoy the attention span of a goldfish, I get bored with things pretty quick, so I’m always trying new flavors of coffee.  Some are really good, I really enjoyed Starbuck’s Guatamala Antigua – one of my favorites ever.  I also liked their Komodo Dragon, and my basic go to for starbucks coffee is Cafe Verona.  Unfortunately, I’ve tried several blends that I just found to be completely foul.  Closely reminiscent to scraping something off the bottom of your shoe after walking around a farm for a while, placing it in an oven until the smoke alarm goes off, and then placing it in the percolator to brew.  …. well, long story made even longer…  My wife has become somewhat of a coupon ninja recently and we’ve been trying to live a more frugal lifestyle.  I ran out of coffee this week and didn’t want to just go spend $10 on a new bag when I had several unused in the cupboard.  I took all of them out, including a tub of really cheap beans that I had bought a couple years ago in hopes that they were just as good as starbucks, (they weren’t)  I poured all of them into a big bowl and mixed them together.  After grinding them, I looked at Wendy and said that as long as it isn’t completely foul, maybe I can tolerate it until it’s gone and then feel more justified in buying the replacement.

You probably won’t believe this, but as I hesitantly brought the steamy mug to my mouth I was completely floored.  It could possibly be the best tasting blend of coffee that I’ve ever had.  Impossible to duplicate, but I have enough of it to last me for a month at least.  I kind of felt like it was a coffee miracle. Ha!  You just never know.  Anyhow, it’s some tasty java.

Another reason for the recent excess need for coffee is the long anticipated start of the school year.  I actually enjoy the school year because it forces me into a bit more of a routine.  I snapped this shot of Breanna after her first day of school because I missed it that morning.  Every year I feel this little poke of guilt because I forget to take her picture as she heads of to her first day of school.  The fact that I’m a photographer only makes the self loathing that much easier.  Taking her picture as she came out of school and hopped into the car felt like I earned just a little bit of redemption.  On the drive home, she looked over at me and smiled.  For just a second her little kid face disappeared and was replaced by this familiar, but new face of someone slightly older and not quite so young.  I stabbed my eye with the straw from the soda I was drinking, and the older child went away.  time flies…




Yesterday we went walking through the baby section at Target, because that’s what you do when you’re expecting a new baby.  You don’t have to buy anything, but somehow standing in the aisle looking at the diapers, the tiny socks, and the boob pumps seems to make the notion that you’re about to be in this aisle full time a little more concrete.  It’s like emotional calisthenics.  Anyhow, as we were walking down the aisle with that, “yeah, we belong here swagger” I saw this.  A cute little curious george looking kid leash.  I have wanted one of these for years.  They didn’t have them when breanna was born, but I remember being at the Nashville zoo a few years ago and seeing a mom walking her little terror of a child along and using one.  As he ran towards the grizzly bears, crocodiles, and the rhinoceros-es she was calm as can be.  Just as he was about to swan dive into the mouth of a hungry snow leopard, she gave him a nice solid tug that would have made Ceasar Millan proud.  It was at that moment that I knew I had to talk Wendy into having another child so that I too could own this most amazing invention.





That’s been some of the highlights of my week, but I can’t continue without mentioning the jackpot find of all soda fountains.  I went into one of my favorite sandwich shops in Smyrna, Firehouse Subs, to grab a bite for lunch today.  When I walked over to get my drink, this is what I saw.  The ultimate drink making machine.  I’m seriously thinking about selling our cars and putting one in my living room.  Who needs to leave the house with something so life changing greeting you morning, noon, and night, and even middle of the night.  There’s one button on this fabulous carbonation creation, but what comes out of it is any of over a thousand drink combinations which you, like a mad scientist of beverages, select on the touchscreen that is greeting you with all the warmth of a lover returning from a long absence.  Seriously, I’m contemplating getting in the car and doing a slow drive by just to catch another glimpse of this revolutionary offering by the masterminds at Coke.  In fact, if it were a Pepsi machine, I’d be gone already!


I need to crash now, but I’m sure you’re wondering about the status of the pregnant lady that I’m living with.  She’s over the hump now and a few days past the half way point.  Tonight she was looking at maternity shirts.  They were pretty hilarious.  One of them had a picture of a cartoon baby in a cartoon belly mooning the world.  I suggested that would be the perfect choice, but since she has all of the sensibility in this relationship, she decided for a few other options that were equally worthy of clothing a pregnant woman with a sense of style and humor.  She regularly feels the baby kicking now.  Pretty much all day long she comments about it.  I don’t mind though, but it still hasn’t gotten to the point where I can feel them.  I tried to sneak my hand onto her belly while she was sleeping last night.  After she chewed off the first two knuckles on my pointer finger, she woke up enough to realize that there was no danger to her baby cub and released my hand with a low pitched growl and a glare that conveyed that she would rip my heart out with  a plastic coated baby spoon if I dared mess with a sleeping pregnant woman again.  Lesson learned.

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