The Room – 1

*********this is an intro / part 1 to a short story I’m working on*************

The cold gray tile pressed uncomfortably against my now sore cheekbone as I slowly awoke from my slumber.  Disoriented for more than a few moments, I sat up and steadied my throbbing head in a feeble effort to stop the world from spinning violently around me.  I felt as though I was stuck in a tilt-a-whirl at a carnival.  The earth spun and jerked and lurched from left to right and near and far as the whole universe continued to revolve on an unbalanced axis.  I was  too groggy to stand, but I sat up and looked through nearly useless vision at the world around me.  Rather, I looked at the world that wasn’t around me.  As I managed to cling to a momentary ebb in the tsunami within my head, I was able to make out that I was in a room, a square room, roughly the size of a large living room.  The grey tiles under my bare feet were part of a bizarrely monochromatic design.  The floor, walls, and ceiling were all covered with them.  Everything around me was covered in smooth slate tiles.  It seemed to be something out of an eccentric millionaires home that you might see in an architectural magazine.  The only break in the design was  a doorway located in the middle of each wall.  The four doors varied greatly in design and nearly seemed out of place in the starkly decorated room.  The only thing in the room that stood out more than the doors was a long fur coat hanging on the door directly behind me.  The sight of the coat caused me, for the first time, to notice my shaking hands, and not just my hands.  I was shaking with what must have been hypothermia all over.  The next painful realization in this bizarre dream was that my feet weren’t the only thing that was bare.  I was naked.  I stumbled clumsily towards the coat, unable to walk with any semblance of coordination, partly because of the cold, and partly because of this cloudiness of my mind that reminded me of coming slowly out of anesthesia. body.

I pulled the grey woolen type coat off of the door and pulled it over my shoulders.  Perhaps, if the circumstances had been different, I might have admired the the tailoring of the coat, or maybe how remarkably comfortable the garment was, but under the current conditions, it was enough to notice that it was warm.  My equilibrium was still operating separately from the rest of my body, and I fell against the door to steady myself.  As I held the handle and tried to navigate the tumultuous waves of blurred vision and even more distorted thoughts, I tried to bring some sort of consciousness to my mind that would help me to understand what was possibly going on.  Almost involuntarily I tried open the door and escape maddening environment and find someone who could tell me what was going on.  The familiar rigidity of a locked door seemed to mock me and the awareness that all was not right seemed to sound like a fog horn through the murky grayness of my mind.  Simultaneously another chill crept through my body.  Even as I pulled the coat tighter, I was aware that the ice which was now pulsing through my veins was the sort that often comes as a result of an intuitive understanding of danger.  As I tried to understand this ominous portent, my vision began to fade and blur once more, and I slowly slumped to the ground as I felt the gentle hands of unconsciousness pulling me to the floor once again.

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