Of Course I have an Opinion!!!


As I was driving along today, or maybe it was yesterday, they’re all merging into one mammoth day recently and I have a hard time separating the end of one from the beginning of another, sort of like this terribly constructed sentence.  I somehow started thinking about the different topics that I had opinions on.  Random, yeah, but I’ll bet if you occasionally turned off the radio while you made long drives in the heat of summer with mediocre air conditioning, you’d have random thoughts too.  My conclusion, is that I pretty much have an opinion on everything.  In fact, I’ve started wondering if I have some type of social disorder that causes me to go through panic disorder whenever I feel like there’s a topic out there that I’m ignorant about.  (except for truly random and pointless topics, like whether or not the chicken or the egg came first… crap… opinion there too.)  As the realization hit me like a frozen water balloon in the solar plexus that I was ‘that guy’.  I quickly tried to come up with some kind of justification as to why it’s okay to be opinionated…  frequently.  Fortunately, my ego made a triumphant return when I decided that the only way to not form opinions in life is to either be completely ignorant about a subject or to be completely dispassionate about it.  My redeeming grace is that I enjoy knowledge, and I’m passionate about this amazing gift of life that I enjoy on a pretty regular basis.  Now if only I can figure out how to staple my lips together when I feel the uncontrollable urge to share those opinions every time one pops into my brain, maybe then I’ll have a friend or two… :)

Okay, enough thought for one day… I think the dehydration is getting to me.  Why am i dehydrated you ask…. and if you didn’t ask, that was a little rude don’t you think.  I’ve spent the last three days shooting outside in brutally hot Nashville weather.  When it’s this hot, my body pretty much becomes a human sprinkler system.  I think I occasionally see my sweat glands erupting like little tan volcanoes.  By the time I’ve finished with a session, I’m drenched.  Usually I take a few shirts with me, but today I forgot.  I had about 20 minutes between my next session and I didn’t want to look like a hobo at the start, so I came up with a brilliant idea.  I call it my ‘ghetto laundry dryer’.  First, I tried sitting in the a/c… no luck.  Then I tried taking it off and sitting it in car seat beside me…  no luck.  Then my inner genius emerged and I pulled my truck into the sunlight.  I spread my t-shirt out on the hood and listened to the sizzle of boiling sweat evaporating from my soon to be crispy slice of old navy apparel.  Less than 5 minutes later, it was dry, and almost as good as new.  A few shots of body spray and I was a new man.  Thank you Nobel, send my prize in the mail please.


Even better than figuring out how to use the hood of your car as a laundry machine, was having a couple of my sessions on Saturday conspire to bring me this awesome gift basket for my little eggroll.  (in case you don’t know, egg roll is the un-named baby Wendy and I are expecting to arrive sometime around Dec. 17th!)  Thank you Tashia, Brittany, Craig, and Joseph!


I was waiting on a client this afternoon at cheekwood botanical gardens, and I snapped a couple of pictures with my phone.  I can’t think of any clever stories to go with them, but they were part of my day, so they’re in here.



This shot is of a large model train exhibit they have at Cheekwood right now.  It’s pretty cool, if you’re a member you should go check it out.


Usually on Sunday nights, I start filling out my to-do list for the upcoming week in my moleskine planner.  (if you’ve never owned a moleskine planner, you’re missing out.  They used to carry the 18 month weekly planner that I use at the bookstores.  When they didn’t have it in stock this July – they run from july to december of the next year, I went online and bought one.  They’re really that awesome.)  Come to think of it, they’re so great I’m going to give them a free plug.  Here’s their website –  http://www.moleskine.com – I also have several moleskine journals and a moleskine recipe journal.  I would really not like living without them.  I think I’d rather go without underwear.  Yeah, I’d rather go without underwear.  I think there was going to be a point in this monologue somewhere… I guess I just wanted to show what my week looks like on paper.  It’s fun stuff.  Yeah, that’s one average week of to-do’s and been-done’s and a few inspiration thoughts to help me along the way.



Now it’s time to begin filling up the next one.  Peace out world.

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