Planned on Conquering, Settled for Ice Cream

So my plan for today involved getting a couple of really big tasks done.  It started well.  In fact, by about 10:00, I was already ahead of the schedule and writing a blog with the extra minutes I had lifted from father time’s pocket when he wasn’t looking.  Unfortunately about 5 minutes into writing the blog he apparently noticed my criminal activity and smacked me with his big ugly time stick because I didn’t stick my head above water for the rest of the day.  As I was driving home after my last errand the time was 11:30 p.m., and I was all too aware that I wouldn’t be crossing the big jobs off of my to-do list today.  It was still a good and productive day, but somehow I felt that my plan to conquer the world has been delayed by about 24 hours now, and when you’re planning world domination you have to make ever minute count.  However, I have a standing tradition that whenever my plans to conquer the world come to naught, I buy ice cream.  Tonight was a hot fudge Sunday from the dollar menu at McD’s.


Wendy asked me to teach for a while a wedding decor workshop.  (Unfortunately, I know more about wedding decorations than any respectable man ever should.)  And, because of the universal law #1 of pregnancy, which states that a husband will do anything, anywhere, and any time his pregnant wife should ask him without questioning the why or for how long.  Incidentally, she did offer a bread crumb of kindness by spending an equal amount of time editing pictures for me in return.  However, my pregnant wife is a second degree black belt in the ancient Asian art of “Somethingcameupandicouldntgettoitsorry”.

On the plus side of things.  Last night was a great night at church.  Pastor Aaron Davis spoke at church and began by speaking a word that he felt God had spoken to him earlier that day.  It really hit home with me and my situation this year.  After church a dear friend we’ve had the privilege of getting to know recently, (Joy J.) spoke to me about what something she felt specifically for my life.  Sometimes, God uses people to just let us know that we haven’t been forgotten and that he still has something purposed for our lives.  So last night I really just felt like God stopped by my house to say hi.  I’m so incredibly thankful to him and the people who are listening to what he is saying!!!

When I came home last night, Wendy made a delicious supper.  After I was done devouring my second plate full though, my sweet tooth started screaming at me.  Since it’s located right below my left ear drum, it makes a lot of noise for such a little guy.  I’ve learned from experience that ignoring my sweet tooth is possible but often includes things like headaches, cold sweats, shakes, and general moodiness so I did the responsible thing instead.  I pleaded and begged Wendy and Breanna to make something sweet.  Breanna jumped at the idea and decided to make brownies.  She is such a doll, she baked brownies by herself – first time ever baking something entirely by herself – and made them extra special by writing I <3 U with yellow decorating sugar on top of them.  (less than 24 hours later, only the ‘I’ remains)  They were good.

*So much more to say, but I need to blog more frequently.  Goodnight!


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