Mr. Hyde


You’d think that with two of the most amazing ladies on the face of the earth sitting at my table while eating the best burger in Tennessee that I’d be the happiest guy around.

Not sure why, but I’ve been a grouch this week.  I’m not unhappy, and I’m not angry.  I think it must just be that exhaustion has gotten the best of me.  Everything is getting on my nerves.  The way people eat, the way the laugh, the way they don’t laugh, the questions they ask, the questions they don’t ask…. just absolutely anything that people do seems to make me want to shove them into a busy freeway.  (maybe it’s the fact that I’ve put in about 90 hours of work this week… just maybe)

Fortunately I haven’t been the instigator of any morbidly abstract artwork on the interstate, but I even started to get annoyed with myself.  Of course this would be the day that my bible reading would talk about how I treat the people around me…  I’m grateful for the correction, but it still isn’t fun.

…that was before my long nap…

Now, I want to stand on a busy intersection and pass out free Krispy Kreme donuts that just came off of the conveyor belt.  The world seems a little less obnoxious, and even the oblivious drivers that seem to be surrounding me lately have more cheerful faces that make them a little more tolerable.

I think that one more nap (that lasts the entire night) will be all it takes to completely realign my disposition and send Mr. Hyde back to the dungeon where he belongs.

I should probably say thank you to Wendy and Breanna for enduring my grizzly demeanor for the past few days.  You two are my favorite people on earth.  I love you both.

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