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Last night, I brought in my bag from Walmart and asked Breanna to help me put some things away.  I told her that one of the bags needed some special treatment.  After asking her to fill two freezer bags with ice and place them in the cooler along with the ‘special’ bag that had been wrapped in a towel, she finally asked the question I was hunting.  “What’s in the bag, dad?”  My response… as nonchalantly as I could manage… “oh, those are night crawlers for fishing tomorrow morning.”

Any time that I can make someone I know scream with delight and then run to throw their arms around me, I consider that a ‘win’.  When it’s followed by the phrase, “I love you daddy!”  I puff out my chest just a little and bask in my awesomeness for a while.  Needless to say, she was completely thrilled.  She has been asking me to go for weeks now, but work has been so crazy that I haven’t been able to.

The morning came, and we loaded up the gear and set out to a spot we had never tried before.  Immediately the day morning was off to a great start when Breanna landed this behemoth of a fish with one of her first casts.


Not to be undone, I followed up her whopper with one of my own.  (It’s probably difficult to appreciate the great size in the picture.  I was almost afraid to stick my finger in it’s mouth.  It was a well justified fear too.  As I was letting it go, it yanked me into the water and started to pull me under in a crocodile type death roll.  Fortunately, we had expected to land monsters like this so we had tied safety ropes around our wastes before casting.  I grabbed my end of the rope, and breanna grabbed the other end.  I made it out of the water losing only my left pant leg.  Any normal man would have probably been dragged away to his watery grave.



After seeing my brush with death, Breanna decided to have me pull off the remaining fish that she caught.  The day was filled with monster fish.  In fact, I think that in all of the epic fish adventures ever discussed in darkly lit smoke filled taverns, our adventure today will have it’s own special shrine on the wall of the ‘Fish Story Hall of Fame’.




We did have one unexpected surprise though.  As we were catching and releasing all of these fish that would cause Jonah to shriek with terror, I hooked an exceptionally heavy fish.  I was not thrilled when I finally pulled it out of the water.



All in all, this was one of the best Saturday mornings I’ve had in a very long time.  Breanna is one of the reasons I wake up with a grin in my heart each day (even if it doesn’t manifest on my face until after the coffee).

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