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To be honest, I’d probably rather skip the blog tonight and go on to bed.  It’s a little after 1:00 a.m. and I’ve been working since about 7:30 this morning.  Still, I decided to stay up and lay a few lines down because it’s such an interesting time in my life that I don’t want to let it accumulate into such a pile of unorganized memories that I eventually have to take it out into the mental garage.  (i rarely go in there anymore – a little crowded and scary someteimes)

I guess most noticeable in my own personal life is my outlook right now.  I’m feeling much less cynical than I have in a long time.  During the last year, I’ve gone through some of the most significant transitions of my life, and instead of being frustrated – I’ve found myself randomly smiling for no apparent reason.  (like right now for instance – big goofy smile while sitting alone in my office typing.)


It showed up this morning when I went out to the street to move Wendy’s van.  (she knows that I really don’t like to leave the cars parked in the street)  Someone had decided that our van would look much better accented with eggs.  After the initial knee-jerk reaction of ‘grrrrr’ I smiled and thought, here’s an opportunity to replace anger with love.  So I did.  It wasn’t anything mind blowing,  I just gave Wendy a little extra grace for being in a rush (and pregnant) and then I prayed for whoever threw the eggs at my car.  (I’m still going to be the one who ends up cleaning it off – that will be another chance to express my love to the world.)  :)

After I moved the van, I drove to the other side of nashville to meet a client about some albums and prints they were ordering.  She had two small dogs.  A chihuahua and a miniature poodle.  They were pretty adorable with their little tiny bodies, their little tiny heads, and the way they licked my hand with their little tiny pink tongues.  ***Quite unlike my boxers.  They do not have tiny bodies, they have really big heads, and when they lick you it feels like someone throws a roll of wet sloppy toilet paper at you.  *** I still prefer boxers.



I’m starting to get a little bit suspicious of my wife’s “morning sickness” bouts.  I’ve noticed several times lately when she gets ready to clean in the kitchen, she suddenly has to run to the bathroom and “almost” get sick.  (never actually throws up…)  Then, miraculously when it’s time to do something a little less like work, she moans a little bit as she walks past me to the door, taking her time to be sure I hear how much misery she’s in.  (I’m pretty sure though that tonight when she left to go meet the other ladies from the Oasis that she skipped all the way to the car after closing the door.)    In order to test this theory, I’ve now placed a small bottle of dish soap on my desk… I plan to spray her with it next time she starts to harass me about something.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


Later, Breanna was really really loving our fight night recently.  She came into my office and said, “Dad, I’m ready to fight.”  She had dawned war paint.  I think it may be time to sign this kid up for brazilian jui jitsu.  (i’m not sure if that’s spelled correctly – but I doubt you’ll know either)





Around 10:30 I finished a big part of my editing process and had to start exporting all of the raw images to jpegs so they would be viewable by the client.  It takes quite a while, so I ran into the kitchen and made a batch of sourdough bread.  It’s sitting beside me rising right now.  (it just said hello.  [it always creeps me out when my bread dough talks to me])




After all of the great things that happened today, I was a little exhausted, and slightly annoyed with my pregnant wife.  Please don’t hate on me.  I know the cardinal rule of being married to a pregnant woman.  “They can, under no circumstances, be guilty of or held liable for any wrongdoing of any kind, ever.”  I get it, but part of me still gets a little peeved occasionally.  I had already taken out most of my frustration while kneading the dough, but any that remained was instantly vanquished by this lovely post I found on my facebook wall.




Can you see why it’s getting so hard for me to be cynical.  I didn’t even mention all of the cool things happening at church.  I may have to revisit some old blog posts.  Not sure how I’m going to cope with a world filled with daisy’s and sunshine yet, but I may just give this a try.

peace out friends.

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  • Scott ☺

    Smiles to the face are a good thing.
    Reading your blog always brings a smile to mine. Thanks friend :~)

    • Jeremy

      Thank you!

  • Lisa M

    Don’t tell anyone, but bread speaks to me too…well, it’s more like…it calls to me ;-P It’s my nemesis, it’s get the better of me more than other temptation. When I was trying to lose a few pounds (ok more) I had to give it up completely. It was a sad year. Alas, we have since reunited….LOL.

    Oh and don’t you dare squirt your lovely wife with dish-washing liquid! Not nice young man! :-)

    • Jeremy

      No doubt – I don’t know how people go without bread. Wendy did a low carb diet for quite a while and couldn’t have any bread. It was sad – very very sad. If I’m trying to eat healthy, I won’t even let them bring it to the table – especially at macaroni grill. I’m powerless to resist it.

      As far as my wife… we shall see.

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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