Watching Star Trek Voyager – Thinking about love and God…

Sometimes I ‘feel’ with such fervency that I really struggle putting the depth of those emotions into words.  Honestly, I don’t think it’s entirely possible, but somehow trying seems to bring something like completeness.

Tonight I was watching an episode of Star Trek Voyager.  Yes, I am at times a bit of a Trek-y.  During the episode a little girl the age of my daughter died.  I’m not sure if it was the similarity of the age, or the fact that during the episode the girl went to her dad at a time when he was down and said, “I love you daddy” and then hugged him in much the same way that my daughter does sometimes.  For whatever reason, I laid in bed and just cried.  Silent warm tears coming from that molten core of the soul where love flows like rivers bringing life, pain, joy, happiness, sadness, all of the things that are the essence of life.

Love is something that increasingly astounds me.  I would think that at 34 years old it would be a subject that I would have a solid grasp on, but just when I think I have experienced the full force of that tidal force washing over me I’m engulfed by an even greater wave, and I’m amazed.

The thing that struck me as I was just allowing myself to experience the moment and embrace all that love is, my thoughts didn’t just go to my daughter, but also to the child that my wife is carrying right now.  I couldn’t help but already feel the space within my heart where love resides growing and enlarging to encompass what will be my next son or daughter.

It might seem logical to think that we only have a limited capacity for love.  A person might think that they could measure out a portion to each of the most important people in their life, and then it would be maxed out with no capacity to love even one more person.  The ‘magic’ of love though is exactly the opposite.  The birth of this next baby will not diminish in even the slightest measure the amount of love that I have for my daughter, and yet I will love this baby as completely as I love her.  Love is almost mystical in that we have as much as we are willing to give.  It’s only when we stop giving it that our own measure of love stops growing.

Perhaps the most explicit, concise, and encompassing description of God given in the Bible is this simple phrase.  “God is love.” (1 John 4:16)  When we truly love, we experience God.  We experience the nature of God.  We experience the most pure essence of who God is.

I sometimes picture love as though it is an ocean without an ending.  In life, we stand at the shore where love touches our humanity and we chose at times to venture further out into the sea or to retreat back to dry land.  Love is scary at times.  When we choose to go beyond the place where our feet can touch, we find ourselves at the mercy of that marvelous force.  However, if we conquer those fears, and if we choose to love, we experience the depths of life.  We find the very source of life ebbing and flowing and enveloping all that we are.  In the deep places of love, there are times of even greater pain, but the fullness and joy of life we find are even greater still.

I can’t help drawing the analogies between love and God.  Like our capacity for love, the measure of God that we experience in our lives is only limited by our willingness to embrace and allow Him to flow through our lives.  As we allow God to flow through us, and as we ‘give’ to the world the portion of God living within us, we find that instead of being empty, our capacity has increased again.

God/Love absolutely blows my mind.

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"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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