How to eat lucky charms

Some people might classify me as a little OCD. I’d say that’s pretty vague, can u be more specific? Nevertheless, I’d like to share with you the optimal method of eating and enjoying a nice bowl of lucky charms. Somewhere around 20 years ago, I came up with this system and have used it on every bowl of lucky charms since – except one, and I regretted it afterwards. First of all, the obvious facts: we eat lucky charms because of the marshmallows and NOT because of the brown filler pieces made out of some kind of grain. If I wanted to be healthy, would I be eating lucky charms for breakfast? Second, since the brown pieces are standing between us and marshmallow yumminess, they have to be eliminated. Start by carefully eating all of the brown ones, being careful not to eat any marshmallows yet – watch out for clingers that stick to the bottom of the spoon. Theirs tricky little guys. Third, once you have eliminated everything except marshmallows and milk, it’s like a bachelor party in a bowl. The key to really getting the most out of the experience is to getting all of the marshmallows into one delicious and indulgent bite. This usually takes a few trips of the spoon, but it’s worth the effort for sure!


You can thank me later. Happy eating. :)

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