Big day – short post

Today has been full from start to finish, and I feel like I started the day with an emotional wallet full of cash, and now I’m looking into the empty leather accessory and feeling emotionally spent.

I need to sleep because I have a long wedding to shoot tomorrow, but I’m just lying in bed waiting for Wendy to start talking in her sleep. – some nights she tells entire stories, and I can talk to her while she’s sleeping. One night she saved a whole group of people from a tornado with her super powers. I still laugh thinking about it.

I’m watching Netflix episodes of No Reservations. One of my favorite shows on television. He just said “I’ll be crapping bone chips for month.”. How do u not enjoy that kind of brilliant exposition.

Got up early and baked sourdough bread I started yesterday. It was destined to become some big slices of French Toast for a late breakfast. It was a win.

Worked until it was time to go to the ultrasound. We arrived early so we dropped by Krispy Kreme for a donut even though the light was off.


After the donut we went into the office where Wendy and Breanna proceeded to read the women’s magazines. I sometimes feel unwanted when I go to the doctors appointments with her. They rarely have man magazines. It’s like a subtle neon light that says, ‘go away – testosterone restricted area’.


Today the ultrasound guy said he felt confident that it was a girl. We will see, but I guess we can go ahead and start painting. I’ll return the machete to the sporting goods store and try to find something pink and frilly to take it’s place.

We’ve started the name search. Wendy and I agree on everything, so tasks that might be difficult for some people come easily to us. Like deciding where to eat for supper… It hardly ever ends with cussing at each other anymore.

When we got home, I threw another loaf of sourdough in the oven. It turned into garlic toast with Wendy’s spaghetti tonight. She’s cooked more this past week than she’s cooked in the past two or three years combined. It must be a mother hormone thing. Who knows.


So that’s the end of my laying in bed iPhone post. Anthony Bourdaine is in Mexico now. It’s making me crave some tomatillo covered enchiladas. Not sure anyone delivers that at 1:00 am in Smyrna though. Guess I’ll just try talking to Wendy again and then go to sleep of she doesn’t have any super powers tonight.

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