Swingin’ and Movies in the Car




Things are good.  Actually, they’re a little crazy, but I feel like each day I’m enjoying a banquet of life even though I’m surrounded by some precarious situations.  I don’t have to understand how it’s possible to walk on water, sometimes I just have to do it.

Today I had to scout a few photo locations in Lebanon for this weekend.  Breanna decided to come along with me – or at least that’s the choice we decided for her since Wendy is recording a song tonight.  *excited to share that when it’s done, but that’ll be another post.  As we were driving through Lebanon, I passed a really nice park and we decided to pull off for a minute and check it out.  Breanna thought that exploring the swings would be the perfect plan, and today I felt like obliging her.  Pretty soon, we started synchronized swinging.  I generally think that you should limit the number of pictures you take of yourself with your phone, but anytime you can work your daughter into the frame it supersedes the previous rule.  *just trust me on that one.  So here we are swinging.


You might think that being a photographer makes it easier to have pictures of yourself taken.  It doesn’t.  I have a terribly difficult time faking a smile for a camera.  To me, artificial smiles stand out like a zit on Brittany Spears nose.  So, that said, when I looked at this picture I was pretty happy to see not just Breanna’s beautiful and real smile, but my own too.  I should swing in the park more often.

While we were driving, I was playing a movie on Netflix with my phone.  We watched Secretariat.  Who knew that a movie about the life of a horse could be so incredibly moving and inspirational.  I think that I would probably place it in my top five or ten movies of all time.  For me, the beauty of the movie touched a chord within my own belief system.  I believe that each of us have been created with a perfect blueprint for our lives.  There is a path in life that we alone were created to discover and walk.  I also believe that few people ever embrace the potential that God has placed within them.  We allow ourselves to be molded by the world surrounding us.  When I see people doing what they love, when I see people living their lives full of passion, I see a person who has found their pathway to destiny.  With Secretariat, the woman and the horse walked that path.  I believe that sometimes nature can be an amazing teacher.  I wonder what it was like for ‘Big Red’ as he raced down the track.  I wonder how it felt as his enormous heart pumped the oxygen rich blood through the muscles in his legs that were created to run perfectly.  If I had to guess, I’d say it just felt ‘right’.  Perhaps the reason the story touched me so much was because I’m searching for my own path in life.  I feel my feet treading on the earth, and it feels right, but I know that where I am right now isn’t where I’m heading to.  I am experiencing the exhilaration of this faith walk, but I haven’t won the races yet.  But I Believe!  I’m walking to something that I can’t see yet with my natural eyes, but I know that it’s there.  In Hebrews it says that Abraham walked by faith “by keeping his eye on an unseen city with real, eternal foundations–the City designed and built by God.”  I am on this faith journey to reach a real and eternal destination.  I don’t know where it is yet, but I know that it was designed and built with me in mind, and I’m on my way.



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