What happened to yesterday?

I just decided to try and write about the 2nd half of the 4th of July weekend, but for some reason I was thinking that yesterday was the 4th – it wasn’t. So now I’m wondering, what happened to the 5th of July? Looking in my planner, I see lots of things crossed off that I accomplished, but without giving it much thought, I really can’t remember much of yesterday at all. **I guess that’s a sign that I was too busy.

I do remember one thing though, Wendy cooked supper. It was good, and I didn’t suffer any bodily injuries from flying food, although I was careful to keep my mouth shut that night. Unfortunately, tonight I screwed up again though. We were rushing to get out the door in time to make it to church so I think we were all getting a bit irritable. (maybe it was just me, but I feel better about myself if I can share the guilt with others) As we were leaving, I made the comment that the dress my wife was wearing might not have been the most flattering choice of clothing in her wardrobe. (this is one of those times where I’m making myself sound a lot better than I am in real life – but I don’t want everyone to think I’m a complete jerk) Initially, my thoughtless remark to my pregnant wife wasn’t entirely received well. After she had time to think about it though, it was received much less well. In fact, with one stupid remark (followed by a few defensive remarks that weren’t any brighter) I pretty much succeeded in shoving my child bearing wife off of an emotional cliff and plummeting down into full on break down. ~ just in case you think that I am completely without a soul and deserving of some form of cruel punishment administered by the road hardened wives of the hell’s angels biker gang, let me say that I in the process of shoving my wife off of the cliff, I decided that I was a horrible person, so I shoved myself off after her. I have now decided that making a pregnant woman cry has set a new low in my pantheon of things I do that suck gallery. I am a worm. Worse than a worm, I am a parasite that lives in the colon of a worm who just happens to reside in a pile of manure. That’s it. I’m a colon parasite of a poo eating worm.Even after I gave my sincerest heart felt apology, I still felt like the worm. Not the parasite anymore, but still like the worm.

****Well that was before church.*****

During church however, I got happy because I remembered that God still loves and accepts me, even if I act like a colon parasite of a poo eating worm at times. (He didn’t use those exact words, but the essence was still there.) God’s grace is in all sincerity the most amazing thing in my life. It lifts me up again and again. The message tonight was simple, but so incredibly relevant. I won’t attempt to summarize it because I took two pages of notes trying to summarize it during church, but I promise if you took a minute to listen to it you would not regret the choice. Here’s a link to the church website where you can watch the sermons on demand ~ even on your phone. (how cool is that) Oasis Church.


back to the weekend – Saturday evening, we watched the fireworks with my wife’s sister, her husband, their kids, and our friend Helga and her baby. The fireworks show in Smyrna was pretty awesome this year, and spending it with good people made it great! Breanna was able to get her face painted – the lady was taking too long and a little amateur so Wendy couldn’t handle the wait any longer and finally asked if she could borrow the paint and finish it. She did it 3 times faster and with much more skill than the lady who was trying. That’s typical Wendy.

Here’s a few pictures from that day.

For the 4th of July, we went to Brandon and Amber’s house (same brother and sister in law) along with the rest of Wendy’s family, and some of Brandon’s Family and a few friends. Wendy’s family being there was a little awkward, but not as bad as I expected. Brandon went all out on fireworks and put on a pretty spectacular show. He also provided the traditional crab boil that accompanies the 4th of July festivities. ~ His crab boil with potatoes and corn and whatever else makes it into the bathtub sized caldron of love is one of my top 5 meals that I love to eat of all time. Freaking ridiculously awesome!!! That’s all I’m saying. (my homemade ice cream for dessert didn’t suck either, but the highlight was definitely the crab legs) I’m pretty sure I saw a neighbor sitting on his porch with his nose in the air like a sad old blood hound sitting outside the door smelling the family eat thanksgiving dinner. It was sad. I think I even saw him wipe a longing tear from his eye, and for a minute I thought about taking him a crab leg or two… but then I realized that would mean less for me.

Her’s an iphone pic of Brandon hauling out one of the boxes of fireworks he got for the evening.  I can’t prove it, but I think he was flexing for the picture.


~all in all, a great weekend. Now if only I can somehow remind my wife that she is a fountain of awesomeness erupting like old faithful, only without the intermission. If only I can figure out some way to tell her that she has more sex appeal than every issue of sports illustrated swimsuit editions that have ever been printed. If only I can convince her that I am just a simple minded man who makes stupid mistakes, and my only redeeming quality is that I’m married to such a remarkable woman. If only there was a way…

Final note ~ I really enjoy feedback on any of my blogs – unless it’s negative, then I guess you could spend your time doing something other than reading my blog.  Other than that, feel free to comment.

Note after final note ~  I’ve really been enjoying some great moments in my devotion time lately, and I’ve written about some of the things that I feel like God has been dealing with me about on my faith blog.  I’d love it if you checked that one out too.  You can find it at UnBreakingFaith.com

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