Wednesday Adventures

Today has been full.  I’m not really glad it is over, but I’m not sure how much more I could handle.  Every day I work on pictures, so I won’t go into detail on that, but I also had a few pretty cool experiences today.

First, (unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of this)  I climbed one of the enormous trees in the back yard and tried to cut down a tree sized branch that had partially broken during the last storm.  After cutting for about half an hour – (I’m not a wuss, it was a long extension pole saw, and a very large branch)  I finally decided to get down on the ground and see if it might snap the rest of the way if I pulled on it.  Even though it had partially fallen, the branch was still about 7 feet out of my reach.  However, since I’m the king of ingenuity, I tied a small stone around a piece of rope using a very clever butchers style knot and then gently lobbed it over the branch.  Next, a little cinch knot and I was able to give the branch a good solid pull.  It snapped and cracked but wouldn’t give way.  I proceeded to get a good running start and tried to jerk it down.  I’m guessing I looked like a cat on catnip, or one of those neighbors that you probably don’t want living next to you, but I had weighed the physics of the situation and was pretty confident that nothing too catastrophic could happen.  Fortunately it didn’t, but the branch also didn’t come down.  Finally, in a stroke of genius, I pulled my 4×4 into the back yard and persuaded my wife to drive it while I tied the rope to the branch.  It took some maneuvering and a few choice words of instruction, but the branch finally came down.  I promptly dispatched it into 6 manageable sized logs and then cried out like Tarzan so the wild kingdom would know that I was still the boss in my back yard.  The neighbors then called the cops…
(not really)

After all the work, I was pretty stoked about Soak night of worship at Oasis Church in Nashville.  On the ‘Soak’ nights, different worship leaders come and then we celebrate an entire service with music and praise.  They’re a pretty great concept.  Tonight was definitely the best one I’ve been to yet.  (imo – of course)  David and Nicole Binion were the guest ministers and just did a fantastic job at creating a worship atmosphere.  Any time that I’m at church and experience what I call ‘God Moments’, it’s a pretty great thing.  Tonight was a good one, and I’m feeling really grateful for it.


After church, it was time to get real serious, so I decided to load up on a new flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream that I haven’t tried before.  I would run naked down the interstate during rush hour on Friday night for this stuff.  Yum.  (okay, it’s not quite that good, but it’s pretty darn tasty)



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