Not an Authentic Korean Food Experience

Yesterday just didn’t quite work the way I would have liked it to. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad day, but it just didn’t quite materialize into the adventurous life changing day that I’ve come to expect from my Sundays.

Initially, I was up till about 3:30 finishing up all of the cleaning on the house. While Wendy was gone, I completely gave the house an entire facelift. It went as far as rearranging the attic contents and painting. Not to mention my normal work load regular household stuff like laundry. When she got home, I was definitely feeling like she was a seriously lucky woman to have such an amazing husband… :)

Somehow though, Sunday morning kind of got skipped. I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve slept till noon in the last 10 years or so. I just don’t do it, and especially not without planning on it. So, when I finally peeled my eyes open to see that the clock said 11:55 the start of my day struck a moody minor key. The church that we currently attend, Oasis Church in Nashville, just happens to be the highlight of my week. Fortunately too, they have 3 services on Sunday. Unfortunately, the final one starts at 12:15 – our favorite btw. We thought we could rush to get ready and then drive the 30 minutes to still make it and only miss some of the music. We watched the service live and streaming on my iphone on the way there, which ended up taking closer to 45 minutes.

The day hit another minor chord. Being about an hour late now, we decided to not disrupt everyone and just finish watching the service online. (it was still good, but being with the people of Oasis is always a treat, and so that was a bummer for me.)

Fast forward – I used the Urban Spoon app on my phone to find a nearby authentic Korean restaurant with high reviews. I was pretty excited and optimistic on my drive there. My gloomy mood was slowly being driven away by the winds of hope. I’ve never had Korean food, but I’ve watched Anthony Bourdain devour it and several other food/travel hosts enjoying it enough that I know it’s my next food pilgrimage.

After a 10 minute drive, we pulled into a sufficiently scary neighborhood to really make me think I might be in for the real deal. (The next chord was not even a chord at all, it was more like a wet and rotten smelling mop being dropped onto the piano.) In not so beautiful handwriting or grammar was a sign explaining that they were closed.

Did I mention that it had started to rain. With all hopes of any adventure for the day slowly being crushed, I deferred the dining choice to my wife who promptly chose (or at least as promptly as a pregnant woman can decide anything) Olive Garden.

It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great. A bunch of people on Sunday acting like they deserved great service because they had more than likely just came from a church that encouraged them to think the same. If you’ve ever waited tables, you understand that Sunday church crowds can be the absolute worst. It’s a shame…. maybe I’ll rant about that later.

What was great though was spending the afternoon lounging with my beautiful wife and daughter. Even rain and disappointment can’t dampen that experience.


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