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Sourdough Saga- Day 1

I am a bit of a bread addict. When I go to restaurants that bring baskets of dinner rolls, like Logan’s Steakhouse for instance, I am usually full before my meal ever arrives, and the waiter is getting tired of bringing replacement baskets. When it comes to homemade bread, the effect is something akin to a powerful narcotic. I’d shank an old lady and her puppy for a fresh hot slice. Fortunately, I have my own in the oven right now, so no puppies or elderly will be injured today.

I’ve never tried making sourdough bread before though, and it’s absolutely one of my favorite breads to eat, especially toasted with butter for breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, or late night snack, or middle of the night munchies). So as I begin to endeavor making my first batch, I’m going to document my saga here on my blog.

The process of making sourdough bread from scratch is a fairly time consuming process. It begins with making a ‘starter’. A starter is basically a yeast vacation spot. For this one I used 2 cups of water, two cups of flower, and a package of dry yeast.

Here’s the link for the starter recipe I’m using on allrecipes website.

Initially I placed this into a medium sized bowl and it looked like pancake batter.


After a couple of hours, the yeast in the packet was kicking into high gear, and I was in danger of overflow.


Even though this smelled amazing, I wasn’t interested in refinishing my window sill with funky yeast smelling flour goo, so I switched to a large bowl. As of about 8 hours later, this is still holding it’s own.


I’ll update again when I have some kind of activity to report.

Hopefully next week, I’ll be making my first batch of homemade sourdough bread.

On a side note, this is possibly considered a cheating method by some sourdough purists because I used packaged yeast to begin with.  However, it has gotten good reviews from the others who have used this technique, so for my first attempt I’m okay with it.  I think that tomorrow I’m going to start an authentic (no yeast added) starter and compare the two.

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