Not Camping

My computer is humming around 7200 rpm’s on at least two hard drives right now, and maxing out all 8 gigs of ram.  Ordinarily, that’s not a a terrible thing, but tonight I’d rather not be hearing the sound of work at 10:00.  Tonight, the master plan was to be sitting inside of a tent listening to the sound of the occasional mosquito buzzing at around 300-1000 flaps of it’s paper wings per minute.  (yeah, I looked that up)  The soft warm crack, pop, and wheeze of the deep dark sunset red glow of the fading embers of a well built fire.  Perhaps Wendy would be feeding me a marshmallow right now.  Or maybe, we would be inside the tent doing other things maybe even a little more tasty than the sweet goo of slightly burnt marshmallow filling off of a stick.  (maybe)

It was no small feat to convince Wendy to go camping either.  To put it in perspective, the last time I was able to convince my nature loving wife to venture outdoors on a camping excursion was just last ‘never’.  That’s right.  Never.  She’s absolutely refused for the entire duration of our marriage up to this point.  For some reason though, perhaps it’s another sign of what must surely be a man child forming inside that cute little belly, she decided to go.  Admittedly, she has complained about it virtually nonstop since agreeing to go, but that’s just her way of playing hard to get.  If she didn’t want to go…  she would not go.

However, even the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  Rain.  Yep – the first time in about 3 weeks it rains.

I’m not going to get too bummed out though.  The week is young, and even if I’m not able to get out this week, there’s a good chance that next week we can all go.  Breanna is still on her mission trip in Florida this week, so if we wait until next week it would be more of a family escape, which would be good.  Even though that might mean less ‘marshmallows’.

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