perfection evades me

Perfection tends to evade me.  In fact, many days mediocrity evades me too.  However, on those rare occasions when the stars align and I take all the right steps, the world comes alive in a beautifully choreographed dance.  It’s like being alive becomes more than just breathing in and out.  My life is an artists brush stroke in a grand masterpiece being painted on the tapestry of time by the creator all all that is good.

Today was one of those turn off the phone and take out the trash kind of days.  My diet is on track, work is almost taking on a manageable shape, Breanna is on track in preparing for her mission trip, the dogs didn’t eat any of the house, and Wendy was even nice to me for a few minutes.  I spent a good moment talking to God about some ‘areas of opportunity’ that still need some work, and I think I’ve got some direction.  That said, it didn’t quite feel like a perfect day, but the possibilities of tomorrow being great are looking better than they did this morning.

I am an audio book junkie.  I don’t spend nearly as much time with hard copy books as I used to, but I continue to devour at least one book each week.  I try to keep a decent balance of purely entertainment books and the books that could possibly better my life in some way.  Right now I’m testing the water of Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein series.  He’s definitely one of my favorite authors, and his ability to paint a scene with words is second to none.  So far, so good.  Seems like an interesting twist on the classic.

Today we put up a giant dry erase board in the hallway.  Part of our planned approach to life.  Wendy has sectioned it off into creatively displayed quadrants of to-do lists, plans, and points of interest.  It may seem a bit silly, but we lead such chaotic lives at times that we have to go a bit overboard in the planning section in order to ever accomplish anything that isn’t urgently demanding our attention.  It definitely beats the previously mentioned 3:00 a.m. approach.

I’ve decided to set aside 1 hour each day for writing.  That’s honestly a big portion of my already bursting schedule, but I’m convinced that it is key to where I’m heading in life so I’m willing to ‘sacrifice’ in some other areas.

Wendy said that in two weeks, the baby will be the size of a clenched fist.  She hopes it’s the size of mine and not hers.  I think that recently I’ve been a bit too demanding with her.  In the past few months she’s found out she’s pregnant, given away her business, and committed to stepping into a new season of her life.  All of these things have pretty much drained her emotional reservoir.  I’m still convinced that pregnant women can get away with anything by simply saying, “I’m pregnant.”  I think I’ll give her a bit more slack though.

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"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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