Bathing 3 Boxers…

Here’s a challenge for you… Some day try to bathe three adult Boxers back to back… (that would of course be the dog version, not the fighting with gloves kind – a subject for which I have zero experience)  I’m exhausted.  I’ve decided that whenever we decide to buy a house, I’ll definitely be installing an outdoor dog bath.  Waste high with both hot and cold water.  It leaves me pretty sore after bending over the tub for an hour and a half.  But, all that said, my dogs are the coolest and smell fresh now too.  (another random thought… boxers are typically not a very smelly dog – if you keep them even remotely clean, there isn’t a problem with odor at all – relative to most other dog breeds)

Tomorrow I only have one photo shoot in the afternoon, and Thursday there I don’t have even a single session.  A day off, even though I’ll technically still be working all day, sounds absofreakinglutely awesome right now.

Tomorrow, I’m planning to catch up on my writing.  I’ve got about 4 chapters that are waiting on my writing fingers.  The outline topic is completed, but it still takes around 30 minutes to an hour to complete one.  They’re obviously short chapters, but still take a while to write, and with my recent schedule I just haven’t given them the priority that they need.

Speaking of priorities – I feel like I’m getting everything back on track.  Having the rug pulled out from under my feet and a grand piano dropped on my head after being shot with a canon a couple of months ago has taken me a while to recover from.  Sometimes life just catches you off guard like being tackled by a NFL pro linebacker while walking along eating an ice cream cone.  Fortunately, I’ve experienced more grace during this time of my life than I probably ever have before.  I’ve seen God working inside of me, and changing the person that I am in ways that I may have thought possible, but certainly wouldn’t have thought probable.  Ironically, it is sometimes in life’s tragedies that we have the opportunity to embrace and become most Christ like with our lives.  I continue to find wonder and amazement in God as He continually reveals more and more of His beautiful identity to me as I travel along on this life journey.

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"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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