Pretty much sums up how I’m feeling right now.  I need a few days to lock myself in the office and just work on the computer, but every day I’m having more and more appointments and sessions that are taking up my time.  I’m trusting that somehow through this process I’m going to learn something and become a better person, but right now it’s just a little frustrating.

I missed yesterday and the day before writing on the book.  I’m beating myself up for it, but I guess at some point you have to stop kicking yourself and get back up so that you can keep walking.  In spite of missing those days, I’m still really happy about the content.  I’m pretty excited about what is going to come out of it.  Part of me likes to sit back and imagine life as an author.  I’d love to be able to spend hours each day writing about life experiences and somehow in the process helping others along their journey.  I am still confident that I’m supposed to be writing this book, so I’m optimistic that there is a good plan for it.

Wendy is maybe starting to level off with her HCG this week.  Not that ‘leveling off’ is necessarily an improvement though.  I’m looking forward to the gentle coast back down, and I know she is too.  I can’t imagine how tough it would be to be pregnant, especially for a woman.  The self image, the pain, the nine months (plus who knows how many) of hormones, and putting up with husbands who are tired of putting up with pregnant wives…  She’s a champ.  All pregnant women deserve medals of honor and parades after delivery and maybe a few surprise parties along the way.    – I can’t do the parade, but maybe I can do the surprise party.

I know what you’re probably thinking… it’s not likely to be a surprise party if you blog about it.  No need to worry though, she doesn’t read my blog.

Tonight, we talked about names for the baby.  In truth, I was coming up with somewhat ‘mock’ names in an attempt to cheer her up.  She didn’t like ‘Rain’ or ‘Raven’ for a guy, and she didn’t like anything that started with the letter ‘F’ – – not even ‘Fantasia-rica’ – or ‘Fantastical’ – I did kind of think that Violet was a nice name for a girl though.  I like the idea of calling her ‘Vi – rhymes with eye” for short.  Too bad I’m positive that it’s going to be a boy.!!!  :)

Breanna spent the night with her friend last night, and today she got home from dance practice and collapsed into bed exhausted.  She stayed asleep all evening.  It was 5:00 when we got home.  I tried to wake her for supper, but she wasn’t even budging, so I let her sleep.  Probably a long night of girl talk.  She’s going to be eleven in a few months.

Pictures are almost done copying for this session… back to work.

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