iPhone picture import…

Sitting here after a bit of a ‘duh’ moment.  I had noticed that my phone was beginning to fill up with images that I’ve taken over the past year or so with it.  (about 1500 of them)  Since I’m a bit of a picture geek, the thought of losing or deleting these was starting to bug me.  After fretting for a few minutes about what to do, I thought…  “Duh, I can probably import them with lightroom.”  Win! – Now, I not only have them handy and backed up on my computer, but now I can also edit them if I’d like.  Plus, Lightroom has a handy feature that will not import suspected duplicates.  So, next time I want to back up my pictures, it will not try to import the old images.  It will only grab the pictures that it hasn’t already imported into the library.  Win again!  :)

On another page… I’m getting completely overwhelmed with all of the weddings, engagement sessions, bridal sessions, and print work that I have on my plate this year.  I clean up one serving, and this crazy cook ladles two more servings onto my plate.  I’m stretching pretty thin.  Sometimes in these situations my default coping mechanism is to run and avoid.  I’m struggling to change that by facing the problems.  Grrrr.  Life.  Difficult sometimes.  Worth it though, Always!

Wendy is still moody and distant.  I’m giving everything that I can right now, and like a sponge she’s taking every bit of it.  I’m really looking forward to the HCG hormone to level off so that maybe I can have a wife again.  :-\  At least she acknowledges that she’s being mean and moody.  I guess.  Actually, I’m not sure that helps at all.

Time to get ready for a wedding today.  Big serving please…

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"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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